Yauatcha – You’ve stolen my heart

I met some new friends in school and we planned to eat dimsum on Friday night. John suggested Yauatcha, a famous top dimsum restaurant in Broadwick Street, Soho. Previously I’ve tried Shanghai Blue and Royal China in Canary Wharf. Royal China is cheap, with prices from £2.60 per dish, but I give it 2.5 stars out of 5. It’s cheap but dimsum was just ok.

As my need to find more authetic dimsum restaurants, I heard Yauatcha is well-known in town. My friend Eileen is from Seoul in Korea and Vicky from Hong Kong (who couldn’t wait to taste the food). The restaurant is a little hidden behind Oxford Street. Inside the decoration is simple, modern and stylish in blue. We ordered eight dishes dimsum, four for vegetarian dishes, with my favourite cheung fun and one ginger Gai Lan and Stir-Fried Beef Ho Fen.

It turned out that they make very good and authentic dimsum. I felt so overwhelming excited that finally I found some great dimsum to eat in London. All dishes are definitely 4.5 stars and the Stir-Fried Beef Ho Fen is the highlight of the meal (you have to order!) It was not oily, dry with very tasty soysauce; the beef was just perfect and juicy, and is making me hungry just thinking about it.

Overall, we each spent under 20 pounds each and were very full. I give Yauatcha 4.5 stars and as a dimsum fan can highly recommend it. If you try them, you will know how to spend your money in dimsum restaurant. Here is the memu, lunch and evening menu will be a slightly difference.


周五约了两个新朋友去喝茶吃点心,约翰建议去(丘记茶苑), 听说丘老板誉名为-伦敦点心大王,开了两家点心餐厅:一家Hakkasan是五星级明星常去吃饭的地方,另一家就是丘记拉,价格实惠坐落在soho,都是伦敦10大的必去的点心餐厅。我们去过(蒲点)(皇潮),蒲点还可以,皇朝我觉得一般,点心2.6磅一碟起,价格还可以但味道一般,品种也不是很多,但要吃,我就要吃最正宗和最好的。

我听说丘记点心在伦敦人人都晓知,我韩国朋友Eileen和我香港的朋友Vicky约好那里等,餐厅位置比较难找,在繁华商业街oxford street后面,不是很多中国人知道去那里吃点心。环境简单,时尚,以蓝色基调为主。我们叫了8碟点心,4个斋的,2个长粉,然后一个姜炒芥兰和牛肉炒河粉。