Min Jiang Chinese Restaurant


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  Discovered Min Jiang Chinese Restaurant next to Hyde Park. They had many really good reviews regarding their excellent and exclusive quality Chinese food, especially Beijing Duck – a must try! It is weird that I work at Hyde Park … Continue reading

Happy Mid-Autunm Festival 中秋节快乐!


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Mum reminded me this Sunday is Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Traditionally family gathering together eat a fancy meal at home. The dessert will be special moon cake with Gong Fu Tea. John said I never bought him a moon cake since … Continue reading

Pearl Liang Best Chinese Restaurant in London


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London got thousands of Chinese restaurants. You could find some restaurants are high end market like Yauatcha and Hakkasan. However, you also can find some are more local, but food is ok. It is not bad, but nothing special. I … Continue reading

Girls night out

Colleagues became my good Leeds friends went out for a girls night out in Ho’s Chinese restaurant which they really like their food. With different religion of restriction food and different taste was quite hard to satisfy everyone’s taste. However Ho’s did have a lot of selection and they all went back home with a really full stomach and smile.

Then we decided to go to a famous gay pub in city centre to have few drink and dance. It was really a fun night, and I really treasure and lucky to have all my friends in Leeds. They are really good people.

Miwa Visiting Me

Miwa was so kindly to come to Leeds to keep me accompanied because she knew that John will be away to Florida for a week, and she was afraid that I will be lonely. Miwa arrived Saturday afternoon, then we went to town to have a walk with Melanie, and done some shopping. I took her to the restaurant called Thai Edge. It was absolutely delicious, authentic with reasonable price. I got my favourite curry crab. I missed it so much. It was 4.5 out of 5 definitely.

We decided to go to Manchester on Sunday, and just chilled out and ate food. Miwa and I didn’t do much research, and just booked the ticket to Manchester. Two little girls were in the big strange city, but we managed well. We went to Tai Hu Dimsum restaurant we went before with John, and we ordered 10 dishes dimsum and finished them all. The time when we finished lunch, all the shops were almost closed.

It’s nice of Miwa spending time with me because she will be back to Japan permanently and I won’t see her easily like she is in London now. I am so glad that I got Eileen, Miwa and Vicky as good friends in London.

Friends forever, no matter where they are!

Ho’s Best Dimsum in Leeds

I love Ho’s Chinese Restaurant in Leeds city centre. We have been there many times, and feel like that it is our regular dimsum place. I took all my friends there and they all said Ho’s dimsum is one of the best, even better in Guangzhou. Ho’s dimsum is certainly home-made Chinese with fresh ingredients and big portions as well. Most importantly, it is cheap and you will be satisfied when you walk out the restaurant.

My colleagues and I went there for dinner as well. The quality of the normal Chinese food was really authentic and I felt like I was in Guangzhou or Hong Kong. I will never feel home sick if we have good dimsum in Leeds. I gave 4.5 out of 5. If you like good quality of Chinese food in Leeds, go and try some.

Manchester Shopping + Dimsum

After John went to Manchester for his conference meeting, he said I would love to go shopping and experience Manchester. We decided to drive to Manchester at this weekend and see whether I like it or not.

It was very easy road to drive from Leeds to Manchester. After 40 minutes, we parked in central of Manchester and started to explore the area. It got Selfridges and a lot of big departments, high street, and a lot more choices than Leeds. I always think Leeds city centre is too small. I did enjoy to go shopping in London, but could be quite tired, because it is huge. I could easily spend one day only walking in Oxford Street. However, Manchester is the perfect size for going shopping. You don’t need to take tubes to go to different area, but it got so many designers shops and brands everywhere.

Manchester is famous for a huge number of Chinese population, and it means there is a lot of Chinese restaurants in town, so we went to Tai Wu restaurant, which we had been to the same one in Guangzhou and it is a big Chain dimsum restaurant in China. It was great dimsum – very cheap. Price was from £1.7-£3 per dish. However, like in China, Tai Wu didn’t have much of vegetarian choices because John likes vegetarian dimsum. I think we ordered 8-10 dishes and came out only £16 for the bill.

Interestingly there was Jazz Festival promoting in Manchester city centre, and pity that we didn’t stay long to attend the event. I can feel more music cultural happening in Manchester than Leeds.

Manchester always has the reputation that it is a rough and scary city and I felt it when I was there, not because I followed the stereotype, but it was true.  Even though living in London for 2 years, I didn’t feel London is particular a rough or dangerous city. It has some rough area for sure, but I never felt uncomfortable living there. I think I might feel quite dangerous living in Manchester, but it was my personal opinion and it is properly not fully true if you are living there rather than as a visitor.

I do like Manchester, and bigger than Leeds and  love about the shopping and many choices of food. I will definitely go shopping there again and return often. It makes me miss London a lot.

Girls’ Fun weekend + Jin Go Gae Korean BBQ

Fun Girls’ weekend

John went to Ireland a week for his business trip, so I asked Eileen to stay my house for the weekend, so girls can enjoy some champagne and eat different food. As we planned before, we went to eat unlimited PingPong Dimsum on Friday night, then we were back home and we drunk two bottles of Rose Wine while we were chatting. It was dizzy but so much fun to get crazy sometimes.

Next morning, I cooked my new recipes Green Thai Prawn with baby spanish and Jasmine rice for lunch. It was so easy to cook and we enjoyed it so much. Then we decided to travel to Wimbledon where Eileen lives and had a walk in the park, then went to try the famous Korean Barbecue in New Malden.

Jin Go Gae Korean BBQ Review

Eileen from Soul of South Korean so she introduced to us a lot of Korean food and culture. We have been tried different Korean food in Central London. However, people say that New Malden is one of the popular Korean communities and the food from there is more authentic and cheaper. While we were in Wimbledon, New Malden is just 10 minutes by bus.

Eileen has booked the table of the famous restaurant called Jin Go Gae, and Miwa joined us for dinner as well, so we hopped on the bus 131 from Central Wimbledon and went to Burlington Road. We are so glad that we booked the table, because it was a small restaurant, and packed with Korean, Japanese Asian people eating there.

First, we were served with several compliments dishes which is impossible to find in Central London. Then Eileen ordered three portions of BBQ Beef Ribs and two portions of Pork Belly. All the meats were Marianne with delicious sauces, and you Barbecued by yourself. Then when it was done, you need to use the raw Vegetable rapped with the meat plus some spicy green onion or rice. The meat was unbelievable tender and juicy. Miwa and I was eating non-stop and Eileen was laughing at us.

It was the most delicious Korean BBQ ever. I gave it 5 stars and we only paid £15 each! What a good meal and bargain!

Place: 272 Burlington Road, KT3 4NL
Tel: 020 8949 2506
Tube: Nearest Train station: Motspur Park Rail / Raynes Park


约翰去爱尔兰出差1周,我叫好朋友Eileen周末过来我家住,两个女的一起吃喝聊天。约了周5见面,先去PingPong喝茶吃点心。然后回到我家,两人买了1瓶香槟喝酒聊天,然后感觉还不够mood, 再去买多一瓶。聊天到凌晨1点然后睡觉。



Pingpong Dimsum Review


After the business exam, Vicky, Miwa and us decided to have some dimsum as a reward after my hard revision. We chose famous Pingpong restaurant in Liverpool Street to have an unlimited dimsum. It means that you spent 17 pounds and eat whatever you want.

The restaurant environment is modern and stylish. John and I order some lychee drink, friends ordered some Wulong tea. The menu has about 15-25 choices for you to choose. Dimsum’s flavour was quite authentic. However, we all could tell that they were slightly westernised. Unbelievably, we ate 30 dishes in total, and I ate the most.

Overall, I think it’s worth trying and definitely worth 17 pounds if you can eat a lot like me. I will still recommend it for you to try the Pingpong Dimsum. Some more delicious dimsum pictures are here.

Environment: 4 / 5, Food: 3.5 / 5, service: 4 / 5

终于考完管理一科拉,我们决定要好好对待自己,所以去利物浦街出名的点心餐厅吃点心 - 乒乓点心。他们推出17磅任吃,啊,任吃点心,简直就是我的梦想嘛,实在太开心了。约翰和我点了荔枝果汁,他们点了茶,点心味道还蛮正宗的,但它做的稍微有点 ‘适合外国味道’。但是还是蛮好吃的,我们4人吃了30碟,强吧 (不过我吃的最多,他们的战斗力一般般呢)。不过总的来说,还是值得一试的,点心还是做得很不错。又有照片更新了。


Yauatcha – You’ve stolen my heart


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I met some new friends in school and we planned to eat dimsum on Friday night. John suggested Yauatcha, a famous top dimsum restaurant in Broadwick Street, Soho. Previously I’ve tried Shanghai Blue and Royal China in Canary Wharf. Royal … Continue reading