Min Jiang Chinese Restaurant


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  Discovered Min Jiang Chinese Restaurant next to Hyde Park. They had many really good reviews regarding their excellent and exclusive quality Chinese food, especially Beijing Duck – a must try! It is weird that I work at Hyde Park … Continue reading

Happy Mid-Autunm Festival 中秋节快乐!


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Mum reminded me this Sunday is Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Traditionally family gathering together eat a fancy meal at home. The dessert will be special moon cake with Gong Fu Tea. John said I never bought him a moon cake since … Continue reading

Pearl Liang Best Chinese Restaurant in London


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London got thousands of Chinese restaurants. You could find some restaurants are high end market like Yauatcha and Hakkasan. However, you also can find some are more local, but food is ok. It is not bad, but nothing special. I … Continue reading

Polish Food and Culture

Karolina is my working colleague, and we bond to each other so quick after few months working. She loves Chinese food more than I do sometimes. Both of us are seafood’s lovers, and normal I always invite her to my place, so I can cook good seafood for her. In the past few days, we had the most amazing Karaoke, German sausage nights together, and she decided to cook Polish food for me today as well.

She told me that they don’t do lunch, and normally they eat breakfast at 11am, then have a late afternoon big dinner, then have a small sandwich at night. This is Polish food culture. It was quite weird, but weird because we get used of three time meal system.

Karolina cooked a slow-cook beef with wild mushroom with some polish rice, and drink was butter-milk (sour yogurt) together. It was beautiful and they normal eat with a big portion as well. It was lovely to try some real Polish food without travelling there. That’s why I love living in different places, because you always meet some wonderful people from all over the world.

I am a lucky girl who always meet gorgeous people. It was the best few days in Leeds with all my friends together.

Pingpong Dimsum Review


After the business exam, Vicky, Miwa and us decided to have some dimsum as a reward after my hard revision. We chose famous Pingpong restaurant in Liverpool Street to have an unlimited dimsum. It means that you spent 17 pounds and eat whatever you want.

The restaurant environment is modern and stylish. John and I order some lychee drink, friends ordered some Wulong tea. The menu has about 15-25 choices for you to choose. Dimsum’s flavour was quite authentic. However, we all could tell that they were slightly westernised. Unbelievably, we ate 30 dishes in total, and I ate the most.

Overall, I think it’s worth trying and definitely worth 17 pounds if you can eat a lot like me. I will still recommend it for you to try the Pingpong Dimsum. Some more delicious dimsum pictures are here.

Environment: 4 / 5, Food: 3.5 / 5, service: 4 / 5

终于考完管理一科拉,我们决定要好好对待自己,所以去利物浦街出名的点心餐厅吃点心 - 乒乓点心。他们推出17磅任吃,啊,任吃点心,简直就是我的梦想嘛,实在太开心了。约翰和我点了荔枝果汁,他们点了茶,点心味道还蛮正宗的,但它做的稍微有点 ‘适合外国味道’。但是还是蛮好吃的,我们4人吃了30碟,强吧 (不过我吃的最多,他们的战斗力一般般呢)。不过总的来说,还是值得一试的,点心还是做得很不错。又有照片更新了。


Yauatcha – You’ve stolen my heart


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I met some new friends in school and we planned to eat dimsum on Friday night. John suggested Yauatcha, a famous top dimsum restaurant in Broadwick Street, Soho. Previously I’ve tried Shanghai Blue and Royal China in Canary Wharf. Royal … Continue reading

Shanghai Blues (Dimsum and Live Jazz)


As a dimsum lover I ate a lot of delicious dimum while Guangzhou; it’s one of the main things I love about Guangzhou. As a new visitor in London I wanted to see what the dim sum here is like.

I read Shanghai Blues is one of the better dimsum restaurants. As well as serving dim sum in a luxury Chinese and Western style decoration they also serve Gongfu Tea and have live Jazz music every Friday night – everything I could hope for in a restaurant! The dimsum is about 5 pounds per dish, normal evening dish from 15 pounds.

Dimsum and food is 3.8 of 5; environment 4.5 of 5; service 4.5 of 5. I am sure I will return there again.

说到喝茶,吃点心,这是我在广州7年必做的事,三五知己周末一起去喝茶聊天,广州的点心价廉物美,什么档次都有,这也是广州的魅力一处。所以我要在伦敦尝试一些好吃的点心餐厅,我相信太多的这样的餐厅了。听说“蒲点”是评为超好的十大点心餐厅之一。这个餐厅的特色是你不仅仅你可以尝到精致的点心,中西结合的奢华环境,还可以点功夫茶,听爵士乐(每周五都有)天啊,这不是统统是我的最爱嘛,点心,功夫茶和爵士…我们定了7点半,进入餐厅,装饰超级时尚,里面象个俱乐部,蓝色基调,听说鸡尾酒最出名。点心从5磅起,其他菜从18磅起,5星最高来说,我给点心评价3.8个星,环境4.5, 服务4.5。相信我以后还是会去尝试多点点心的,听现场的爵士…