Financial Crisis

I am occupied by my studies and I am so surprise that the amount of the reading and preparing I am involving. Even though I don’t have much time to relax, I certainly enjoy the processing of learning new knowledge.

As my major is Business and Global Politics, financial crisis which happens recently is one of popular topics that we can not ignore. I believe it really affects the UK’s economic and employment situation. We buy the newspaper everyday since Lehmen Brother announced their bankruptcy. I felt I am connected with the country – news and surprising headlines in everywhere.

I remember when the financial crisis in Asia happened in 1997, maybe I was young or either we had limit information to experience the real affects of financial crisis, besides, not all of the occupations were affected it, such as Civil Servants, so it didn’t change much of people’s life. As I know that people were tightened their belts and reluctant to spent their money. Now it’s same here in the UK. The economic is slowing down. People don’t want to spend much. The exchange rate rapidly drops. Banks are deceasing the interest rate and stock market is unstable. Frankly, I learned a lot what is the free market.

For China, I saw the news from Guardian(1/11/08) explained that due to the slow economy in the West, many exporting factories in Dongguan were shut down and the workers were forced to lose their jobs. Even the stock market in China was not promising at all. The news in BBC said that frnancial crisis wipes out billions off wealth of China’s super-rich. Sincerely hope 2009 will be getting better and better.

Regardless of all the sad news happened, a stunning good news that the Unite States has their first black president Barack Obama of democratic party, who has won the presidential election on this Weds. We are looking forwards to seeing the new leader of America.

08 经融危机

最近因学习超忙,要读很多课外书和做什么准备工作,学习不再是死记应背,是理解运用。虽没太多时间放松,但却乐在其中。因我选经济和全球政治为我的专业,经融风暴是无法不提的一个话题。英国的经济和就业状况是严重受到它打击之一。从美国强大的经融实业 雷曼兄弟 宣布破产,许多意想不到报纸头条和新闻是关注的重点。同时,我也深感和这个国家一起波动。

记得97年亚洲经融危机时,可能自己太小或有限的媒体接触,不觉得和我们生活有太大的关系。当然,不是每个行业的人都受到影响,例如在政府部门工作。但那时侯只知道,赚钱不容易,花钱也格外谨慎。现在英国经济也是一样。大家都不想花太多钱,以备雨天。英镑外汇率大跌,银行宣布减息,股市波动起伏,这些都在发生中,我也学到了什么叫做 “无制约经融市场”。



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