The Cranberries in Hammersmith Apollo


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I booked to see The Cranberries long time ago and they rescheduled in October. I used to listen all their albums when I was in teenage. I remember my sister and I love them so much. Back to 10 years … Continue reading

Highgate Cemetery + Hampstead Heath


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It was a really hot day about 32 degree. John and I decided to visit the famous Highgate Cemetery. Normally if we were in China, this was really spooky and superstitiously wrong, however, it seems ok and respectful to visit … Continue reading

Chaozhou Trip (next to my home town)


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Chaozhou is famously known as one of the great cultural centres in the Lingnan region of China. Chaozhou culture is known worldwide as a unique part of world heritage. It’s one hour drive from Shantou (my home town). John always … Continue reading

Swan Lake Ballet


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I always want to see ballet performance in London, so it did have an amazing Swan Lake of English National Ballet at London Coliseum. I asked my girl friend Nicole to join me and we were right on time to … Continue reading

Happy Chinese Rabbit Year 2011

It’s 2011! Time flies and another chinese new year is coming. It’s funny to talk to my Mum and she asked me whether we have few days off because chinese new year, then I explained to her that no any body is living in Chinese world except Chinese people. This year is rabbit year, and John was born in a rabbit year in 1975. Superstitiously, Rabbit and Dog (my year) is the good combination and wish everyone and us will live happily and healthily. Most importantly, Gong Xi Fa Cai – 大家恭喜发财!

The cover picture was sticker called Fu. It is symbolic meaning that you will have fortune and lucky in the new year. The sticker also contains 12 different animals cutting inside, which represents 12 different years. It’s very impressive hand craft.

King Prawn & Crab Stick Noodle Soup

Back home, when it’s Chinese New Year, our family tradition always have seafood hot-pot because Shantou is near coastal city. Seafood for us is everyday basic food. Basically you just have a chicken stock as the soup base or just water, and put any seafood and meat into soup, then at the end, you put more vegetable and noodle in, and simple as that.

Mum used to cook that when she was a little bit lazy and didn’t want to fuss to cook a proper meal. I always like that and it takes about 2 minutes to have a noodle soup on the tablet with fresh seafood and ingredient.

Ingredient: 1 fresh chicken stock /cube, seafood or left over food, 1-2 lettuce, some coriander and noodle or dumplings. Season is salt and white pepper.

Boil the chicken stock, (add some water depends how do you like) put the seafood in for 2 minutes, then noodle in for 1 minutes, add lettuce at last with coriander, season it with salt and white pepper. Job done, really to warm you up with fresh seafood and noodle soup. The soup will be tasty, fresh and noodle will fill you up as well Simple dish for cold winter!

After a big meal, traditionally we always drink some GongFu tea to digest our food and fattiness. Health and you can talk to friends all night long while you are sharing the tea culture.

Karaoke Crazy Night

My colleague asked me join them for a Karaoke night in city centre. I never went to a Karaoke Bar in the UK, even though it used to my favourite place to hang out with my friends back to China. I always like singing and is a good way to spend time with your friends as well.

It was different comparing in China. People in China were more focus on the quality of the hi-fi and the microphone sound, and they want to to be professional sounds. However, the quality of the hi-fi of that Karaoke bar was quite basic, people were more care to have fun. We got the most crazy and fun night ever. We were dancing, singing and had so much laugh, even some people I judy met them in the first time. They were so open and just had fun, no matter what! I like that attitude.

Miwa Visiting Me

Miwa was so kindly to come to Leeds to keep me accompanied because she knew that John will be away to Florida for a week, and she was afraid that I will be lonely. Miwa arrived Saturday afternoon, then we went to town to have a walk with Melanie, and done some shopping. I took her to the restaurant called Thai Edge. It was absolutely delicious, authentic with reasonable price. I got my favourite curry crab. I missed it so much. It was 4.5 out of 5 definitely.

We decided to go to Manchester on Sunday, and just chilled out and ate food. Miwa and I didn’t do much research, and just booked the ticket to Manchester. Two little girls were in the big strange city, but we managed well. We went to Tai Hu Dimsum restaurant we went before with John, and we ordered 10 dishes dimsum and finished them all. The time when we finished lunch, all the shops were almost closed.

It’s nice of Miwa spending time with me because she will be back to Japan permanently and I won’t see her easily like she is in London now. I am so glad that I got Eileen, Miwa and Vicky as good friends in London.

Friends forever, no matter where they are!

Ho’s Best Dimsum in Leeds

I love Ho’s Chinese Restaurant in Leeds city centre. We have been there many times, and feel like that it is our regular dimsum place. I took all my friends there and they all said Ho’s dimsum is one of the best, even better in Guangzhou. Ho’s dimsum is certainly home-made Chinese with fresh ingredients and big portions as well. Most importantly, it is cheap and you will be satisfied when you walk out the restaurant.

My colleagues and I went there for dinner as well. The quality of the normal Chinese food was really authentic and I felt like I was in Guangzhou or Hong Kong. I will never feel home sick if we have good dimsum in Leeds. I gave 4.5 out of 5. If you like good quality of Chinese food in Leeds, go and try some.