First Snow in London

I know that London does not have heavy snow, but I have evidenced my first time – see the real snow. It was at 8: 45 am, and I looked out the window, pretty white snow has already covered over cars, our garden and the roofs. I saw the few snow flakes slowly and gentlely coming down from the sky. After few minutes, the heavy flakes like raining was flying down. There were big and chunky. Unforturnately I can’t go outside and touch them because I was still in my pyjamas. Here are some pictures I took.

However, it was only last 15 minutes, then it turned into rainning, then sunshine. That is amazing that you can always experience various weather in a day, and that’s why I fascinate about Britain – so unpredictable. I was overwhelmly excited to see the real snow, and experience the hail in the other day, because I grew up in the South of China, and haven’t seen the real snow and hail before. I am sure I will have many oppotunities to see the them, even a white Christmas in the future.

The weather is cold, windy and raining (sunshining). I was really exhausted to prepare my essays and exams and I am so glad it will be over soon, and I can enjoy my relaxing weekends again. Last week I was sick and I know many my friends in China are sick as well. Guys, take care and keep warm.

约翰跟我说伦敦很少下雪,下也可能短时间。今天我见证整这的下雪。早上8点45分,约翰跟我说外面下雪了,我猛得爬下床,看了下窗外 - 雪已经覆盖了车顶,屋檐和我们的花园。雪静静的漂着,我象个小公主在窗内,两只眼睛大大的等待着惊喜。过了几分钟,雪渐渐的大了起来,雪花大到象空心的乒乓球。我太激动了,打开窗去触摸它,可惜太冷了,还穿着睡衣,要不然我绝对冲外面感受 “雪”。我拍下了几张照片



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