The beauty of Leeds

We have been living in Leeds almost 9 months so far, and we seldom take some pictures of Leeds. Leeds is so pretty when it comes to snow. However, Leeds City Centre generally is very beautiful. With all the Christmas decorations, it did make Leeds more charming.

First Snow In Leeds

Snow is always special for me, and it always makes me dream that I am living in a fair tale world. Like the snow princess is waiting for her prince to rescue her. I like the white and pureness of snow, and you know it’s so cold outside, and luckily you just sit at your cozy home with fireplace and a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Mmm…it’s the perfect winter for me.

John woke me up this morning and whispered to me: I think we got some snow, Carmen! I immediately woke up and could see the snow flakes from my bedroom window gently falling down from the sky, and I sunk into my Carmen imagination world and dreamed again. What’s your dream world like?

Let it snow, let it snow…


It is unusal to have heavy snow in London. Accoring to BBC that it has been 18 years to have heavy snow and it is up to 6in (15cm) of snow. I finally waited for the the real snow.

It is so fun and exciting! What’s important, this is my first time to see the snow. Everything covers by snow. I made some snow man in our garden and the snow has not stopped so far. Because the heavy snow, all the transportation has shut down and classes were off for 2 days, so I organised my classmates to have some snow flight and went to the hill to have some sledging. However, I do feel like I was having a holiday in Norway. What is a wonderful snowing day. Some pictures are here to share to you.

昨天晚上就开始下雪,超级大的雪,因为伦敦在南部,很少有很大的雪,但因为这股俄罗斯和北欧洲的风吹来英国南部,使伦敦下起超级大的雪。据说18年来最大的雪发生在伦敦。开始我还觉得雪应该不是很厚,雪下了一天都没有停过。早上8点醒来,路面和说有的房顶都布满了厚厚的雪。雪大到我觉得像在挪威!刚走出去门外,天啊,5-10寸深。把脚一踏,覆盖了你整个鞋子!我在花园堆砌雪人。应所以的交通工具都停了,地铁,巴士都不能动,学校也关闭了。 我和约翰下午组织同学们一起去打雪球,滑雪。在学校后面有个小山,同学们拿着朔料袋就玩起滑雪。超级搞笑和好玩!这是一部分照片

First Snow in London

I know that London does not have heavy snow, but I have evidenced my first time – see the real snow. It was at 8: 45 am, and I looked out the window, pretty white snow has already covered over cars, our garden and the roofs. I saw the few snow flakes slowly and gentlely coming down from the sky. After few minutes, the heavy flakes like raining was flying down. There were big and chunky. Unforturnately I can’t go outside and touch them because I was still in my pyjamas. Here are some pictures I took.

However, it was only last 15 minutes, then it turned into rainning, then sunshine. That is amazing that you can always experience various weather in a day, and that’s why I fascinate about Britain – so unpredictable. I was overwhelmly excited to see the real snow, and experience the hail in the other day, because I grew up in the South of China, and haven’t seen the real snow and hail before. I am sure I will have many oppotunities to see the them, even a white Christmas in the future.

The weather is cold, windy and raining (sunshining). I was really exhausted to prepare my essays and exams and I am so glad it will be over soon, and I can enjoy my relaxing weekends again. Last week I was sick and I know many my friends in China are sick as well. Guys, take care and keep warm.

约翰跟我说伦敦很少下雪,下也可能短时间。今天我见证整这的下雪。早上8点45分,约翰跟我说外面下雪了,我猛得爬下床,看了下窗外 - 雪已经覆盖了车顶,屋檐和我们的花园。雪静静的漂着,我象个小公主在窗内,两只眼睛大大的等待着惊喜。过了几分钟,雪渐渐的大了起来,雪花大到象空心的乒乓球。我太激动了,打开窗去触摸它,可惜太冷了,还穿着睡衣,要不然我绝对冲外面感受 “雪”。我拍下了几张照片