Farewell dinner with colleagues

Farewell dinner

Colleagues decided to eat in a really nice Italian restaurant near Oxford street. It properly was not the last dinner with my them, but I am glad that I got alone very well with most of the colleagues after 2 months and a half working in the company. Even though most of my colleagues are younger, crazier than me, they are smart and awesome.

It’s hard always to say goodbye to people, even though you know some of them you might not see them anymore in your life. It is nice to meet new people and share experience with them. This is life, people come and people go.

Thanks my friends and colleagues. Life is dull without their existence.

同事们说一起去吃意大利菜,虽然我知道这不是我们的大家的最后一餐,以后大家还会经常联系。还是感到十分开心在公司工作了2个多月,认识了这么多位不同国际的好朋友 - 他们虽都年轻和疯狂过我,但大家相处下来还是十分愉快的。人和人的缘分是很难说的,有些和你超好,很喜欢你,但有些只是路过而已。


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