Manchester Shopping + Dimsum

After John went to Manchester for his conference meeting, he said I would love to go shopping and experience Manchester. We decided to drive to Manchester at this weekend and see whether I like it or not.

It was very easy road to drive from Leeds to Manchester. After 40 minutes, we parked in central of Manchester and started to explore the area. It got Selfridges and a lot of big departments, high street, and a lot more choices than Leeds. I always think Leeds city centre is too small. I did enjoy to go shopping in London, but could be quite tired, because it is huge. I could easily spend one day only walking in Oxford Street. However, Manchester is the perfect size for going shopping. You don’t need to take tubes to go to different area, but it got so many designers shops and brands everywhere.

Manchester is famous for a huge number of Chinese population, and it means there is a lot of Chinese restaurants in town, so we went to Tai Wu restaurant, which we had been to the same one in Guangzhou and it is a big Chain dimsum restaurant in China. It was great dimsum – very cheap. Price was from £1.7-£3 per dish. However, like in China, Tai Wu didn’t have much of vegetarian choices because John likes vegetarian dimsum. I think we ordered 8-10 dishes and came out only £16 for the bill.

Interestingly there was Jazz Festival promoting in Manchester city centre, and pity that we didn’t stay long to attend the event. I can feel more music cultural happening in Manchester than Leeds.

Manchester always has the reputation that it is a rough and scary city and I felt it when I was there, not because I followed the stereotype, but it was true.  Even though living in London for 2 years, I didn’t feel London is particular a rough or dangerous city. It has some rough area for sure, but I never felt uncomfortable living there. I think I might feel quite dangerous living in Manchester, but it was my personal opinion and it is properly not fully true if you are living there rather than as a visitor.

I do like Manchester, and bigger than Leeds and  love about the shopping and many choices of food. I will definitely go shopping there again and return often. It makes me miss London a lot.

Farewell dinner with colleagues

Farewell dinner

Colleagues decided to eat in a really nice Italian restaurant near Oxford street. It properly was not the last dinner with my them, but I am glad that I got alone very well with most of the colleagues after 2 months and a half working in the company. Even though most of my colleagues are younger, crazier than me, they are smart and awesome.

It’s hard always to say goodbye to people, even though you know some of them you might not see them anymore in your life. It is nice to meet new people and share experience with them. This is life, people come and people go.

Thanks my friends and colleagues. Life is dull without their existence.

同事们说一起去吃意大利菜,虽然我知道这不是我们的大家的最后一餐,以后大家还会经常联系。还是感到十分开心在公司工作了2个多月,认识了这么多位不同国际的好朋友 - 他们虽都年轻和疯狂过我,但大家相处下来还是十分愉快的。人和人的缘分是很难说的,有些和你超好,很喜欢你,但有些只是路过而已。


Mango Catwalk Show in Oxford Street

Mango Catwalk Show

Mango Shop had a fashion show on Sunday night to train the employees about this new autumns’ collection. The company had provided drinks and snack food. It was a fantastic ideas and people had great fun to perform and to watch. Because the models were all the volunteers of the employees, and not by hired model, so that the atmosphere was extraordinate lively. I am glad that I was part of it and had some laugh with people. You can see more pictures from here.

我们被邀请参加西班牙店Mango在繁华商业街Oxford Street举行的一场不正式的catwalk 表演。主办方还专门提供了酒水和食物。据说是对今年秋装时尚的一场培训 - 搞场catwalk 表演好过无聊的时尚培训。模特都是mango的自愿表演的工作人员,所以什么体型的模特都有。就因为这个原因,让气氛更加轻松自如。我也和很多朋友和公司员工一起享受这场秋装服装秀。这里有更多照片可以看。

My First Day in London

paris hilton in london

Today I am writing from London. I arrived at Heathrow airport after 12 hours flying with British Airway. BA was great with money and services. I arrived at terminal 5, which is very new and I have heard some negative news – unluckily I experienced it too. I was met at the airport and entered an elevator which then got stuck. We pressed the emergency button and the staff helped us to restart the system.

Leaving the airport we took the London Metro, known as ‘The Tube’. My first impressions are that it is very small, especially compared with Hong Kong and Guangzhou. I’m told that the metro is over 100 years old, so maybe that explains it, and would certainly explain the lack of air conditioning.

We arrived at John’s new two-floor house where he has his own garden and parking place. As a city girl, I have never experienced living in a house with two floors. I walked through the garden and entered the house to find it is stylish, modern, cozy and most importantly, feels like a proper home. I will take some pictures to show later.

We walked around the local area and then went Oxford Street. While there we entered Selfridges, a very big department store, where we amazingly saw Paris Hilton promoting a new perfume. Paris is so tall and slim and was surrounded by a lot of people. Wow, I thought it was so cool and the first time for me to see a celebrity in real life.

Anyway, in the afternoon we also went to Sainsburys supermarket to buy some food. There are lots and lots of different kinds of food from all over the world, food selections and they are far to expensive if you convert to RMB. For example, vegetables in China are generally only a few yuan while here they are many times more expensive. However, you can’t think like that as you are comparing different countries and different standards of living.

It is exciting, exhausting, and very strange to explore London. I have seen I saw a lot of stylish and chic people walking the street. I’ve seen many different types of interesting people and I am still not used to hear so many people speaking British accent around me. Right now I’m still overwhelmed with everything and my body is too excited to feel any jet lag.

The weather was hot and sunny until the day I arrived, then it was chilly and cold. I didn’t expect this after leaving hot and humid Guangzhou. Another difference I’ve noticed is that you can see daylight until about 10 PM. They have long daylight in summer, but short daylight in winter. I guess everyone like more daylight!

John has booked the Delays concert later tonight and we will have a Rock and Roll night. I can’t wait.


今年利用年假计划五月份去英国旅游,因为5-6月份是英国最好的旅游季节。12 小时的飞机在早上6点钟到达了英国。乘着英航到了伦敦希思罗机场,进了5号航道,出了机场,在入了关的时候,没有任何的指示你应该排哪里,我就跟着大队就行!移民官会问题一些基本的问题哦!

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