Halloween – Soul meets body

09 Halloween

My ex-colleagues asked me to attend her house Halloween Party, so I was so excited about it. We all dressed up and I was a fashionable devil. And Rachel was a zombie ‘Alice in wonderland’. Men all dressed up as zombie women, it was awesome and crazy.

I had a lot of fun and friends were very crazy when it comes to party. Sometimes I do think I am too old for partying anymore, and I just don’t have the energy keep drinking and dancing…Urg. I am officially admitting I am getting old.

So I left at 9:30, then went to take the tube back home with my scary make-up on. You can imagine that how many people were staring at me in that time. Some looked at me and had a question mark in their head; some came to say fantastic to me; and some were laughing and thinking so halloween. I don’t care slightly at all…it was fun to dress up and had a good time with my friend.

It’s my first being crazy in Halloween here. I do miss my old party time of halloween with Yuki and Jenie in GZ. Here are more crazy pictures.


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