Glad to see friends again

Autumn in London

Since I had been away from London, I was busy meeting my old friends, plus facebook has blocked in China. So that I couldn’t update news with my friends. Back to London, first thing is to meet up with Eileen and Vicky at the weekend. We went to eat in a korean restaurant, and had a walk near London eye, where we normal walk after dinner.

Eileen has her hair cut short and told me some changes of her life. Vicky has a new boyfriend and they seem doing well. I am glad for them whether it’s good or bad to have some change in life, and we all do. I am so happy to catch up with them and hear different stories.

John and I have been thinking that I might have some driving lessons here and get a drive license soon. It cost 20 pound per hour, and need 30 lessons at least to learn how to drive. John said it won’t be easy and I know my ex-manager was failed to get his license, and it is so scared to think how difficult it will be. I guess it’s all about practicing and experience. Wish me luck and hope I don’t waste the money. There are always so much pressure in life. Urg…

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