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The Temper Trap

I always love to add new music into my Ipod. An Alternative band from Australia called The Temper Trap’s ‘ Condition’ is absolutely delightful to listen. The famous song ‘ Sweet Disposition’ is so hit and become the sound of 2009 according to BBC. When I listened their first song, I thought it is definitely a British Rock band, surprisingly they are from Australia. Also, They became so famous because this amazing album in the UK, then well-known in Australia afterwards.

Every single song in the Album are my favourite.

Green Day

We haven’t heard Greenday releasing new albums for such a long time. Even though I am not a huge Greenday fan, the new album called 21st Century Breakdown is fantastic. The album is not only random music, but actually tell a story. It is divided into three acts, each loosely following a young couple, Christian and Gloria, as they’re confronted with a manipulative, authoritative culture according from Culturebully. Would it be great that when you’re listening songs, you can imagine a movie?

It seems they wrote many songs for Heroes and Soldiers. I still love some of their songs, and never feel tired of them. Some of their songs always make me feel sad –  I call it as the rebellious sadness.

There are many favourite pieces in the album:

  • 21 Guns
  • !Viva La Gloria!
  • Peacemaker
  • ?Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)
  • Restless Heart Syndrome


Great news that Muse released the New album called ” The Resistance” in September. It is more alternative + classical music combination. Great album and I’ve been listening since Sept.

They are all on the tour. Muse and Green day’s gigs are so expensive (£50), and also performed in O2 and Wembley stadium –  too big! We saw Muse in HK, and it was great, same price but you can see them so clear. However, they are too big in the UK, I don’t think they will perform in a small concert then. Pity!

I can’t wait to go to see MEW’s concert next week. One privilege living in London is to see many concerts regardless singers are superb or unnoticeable.

2 thoughts on “All About Music – Alternative Rock

  1. OH!!! I can’t resist Muse’s album either! Matt’s voice is just so amazing!!! The feeling is so special, which is different from Keane of course. Something like universe, planet, creature, death… consist of many strange & mysterious stuff.
    And I watched a show that they performed on a Italian tv, which is so hilarious! They changed their roles, like Matt on drum, which was making fun of the show! Cos the host even didn’t know the band’s members! A little bit ridiculous. XD

  2. Haha, it was funny. yes, Muse is great. Hope to hear more great album from them. I guess we just want more and more from them. Life is dull without great music!

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