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The Temper Trap

I always love to add new music into my Ipod. An Alternative band from Australia called The Temper Trap’s ‘ Condition’ is absolutely delightful to listen. The famous song ‘ Sweet Disposition’ is so hit and become the sound of 2009 according to BBC. When I listened their first song, I thought it is definitely a British Rock band, surprisingly they are from Australia. Also, They became so famous because this amazing album in the UK, then well-known in Australia afterwards.

Every single song in the Album are my favourite.

Green Day

We haven’t heard Greenday releasing new albums for such a long time. Even though I am not a huge Greenday fan, the new album called 21st Century Breakdown is fantastic. The album is not only random music, but actually tell a story. It is divided into three acts, each loosely following a young couple, Christian and Gloria, as they’re confronted with a manipulative, authoritative culture according from Culturebully. Would it be great that when you’re listening songs, you can imagine a movie?

It seems they wrote many songs for Heroes and Soldiers. I still love some of their songs, and never feel tired of them. Some of their songs always make me feel sad –  I call it as the rebellious sadness.

There are many favourite pieces in the album:

  • 21 Guns
  • !Viva La Gloria!
  • Peacemaker
  • ?Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)
  • Restless Heart Syndrome


Great news that Muse released the New album called ” The Resistance” in September. It is more alternative + classical music combination. Great album and I’ve been listening since Sept.

They are all on the tour. Muse and Green day’s gigs are so expensive (£50), and also performed in O2 and Wembley stadium –  too big! We saw Muse in HK, and it was great, same price but you can see them so clear. However, they are too big in the UK, I don’t think they will perform in a small concert then. Pity!

I can’t wait to go to see MEW’s concert next week. One privilege living in London is to see many concerts regardless singers are superb or unnoticeable.