King Prawn & Crab Stick Noodle Soup

Back home, when it’s Chinese New Year, our family tradition always have seafood hot-pot because Shantou is near coastal city. Seafood for us is everyday basic food. Basically you just have a chicken stock as the soup base or just water, and put any seafood and meat into soup, then at the end, you put more vegetable and noodle in, and simple as that.

Mum used to cook that when she was a little bit lazy and didn’t want to fuss to cook a proper meal. I always like that and it takes about 2 minutes to have a noodle soup on the tablet with fresh seafood and ingredient.

Ingredient: 1 fresh chicken stock /cube, seafood or left over food, 1-2 lettuce, some coriander and noodle or dumplings. Season is salt and white pepper.

Boil the chicken stock, (add some water depends how do you like) put the seafood in for 2 minutes, then noodle in for 1 minutes, add lettuce at last with coriander, season it with salt and white pepper. Job done, really to warm you up with fresh seafood and noodle soup. The soup will be tasty, fresh and noodle will fill you up as well Simple dish for cold winter!

After a big meal, traditionally we always drink some GongFu tea to digest our food and fattiness. Health and you can talk to friends all night long while you are sharing the tea culture.

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