Home-made Shantou (my home-town) classical dishes


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Slow-cooked five spice pork belly with tofu and cooked egg recipe is super popular in my hometown. It is a must-have dish in every family table. I seldom cook it because John doesn’t like fatty food, but I truly adore … Continue reading

Chaozhou Trip (next to my home town)


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Chaozhou is famously known as one of the great cultural centres in the Lingnan region of China. Chaozhou culture is known worldwide as a unique part of world heritage. It’s one hour drive from Shantou (my home town). John always … Continue reading

King Prawn & Crab Stick Noodle Soup

Back home, when it’s Chinese New Year, our family tradition always have seafood hot-pot because Shantou is near coastal city. Seafood for us is everyday basic food. Basically you just have a chicken stock as the soup base or just water, and put any seafood and meat into soup, then at the end, you put more vegetable and noodle in, and simple as that.

Mum used to cook that when she was a little bit lazy and didn’t want to fuss to cook a proper meal. I always like that and it takes about 2 minutes to have a noodle soup on the tablet with fresh seafood and ingredient.

Ingredient: 1 fresh chicken stock /cube, seafood or left over food, 1-2 lettuce, some coriander and noodle or dumplings. Season is salt and white pepper.

Boil the chicken stock, (add some water depends how do you like) put the seafood in for 2 minutes, then noodle in for 1 minutes, add lettuce at last with coriander, season it with salt and white pepper. Job done, really to warm you up with fresh seafood and noodle soup. The soup will be tasty, fresh and noodle will fill you up as well Simple dish for cold winter!

After a big meal, traditionally we always drink some GongFu tea to digest our food and fattiness. Health and you can talk to friends all night long while you are sharing the tea culture.

My Autumn New Collection shoes

My shoes

Nice back to London and have my own space and life back. I do feel sad to leave my family and niece, as well as good friends in GZ. I had a fabulous time in GZ and Shantou. Thanks all the friends’ dinners and treats in China.

As a shoes lover, I also bought some of the new shoes back to London. I especially like the new blue boots it costs me hundreds of ‘Chairman Mao’ but I just love it so much and it’s very comfortable to walk. While I organised my clothes and shoes, I took some pictures to remind me how many pair of shoes I have. I don’t think it’s many pairs because I am a greedy girl. John always thinks I spend too much on shoes and shopping. Haha…

London is 9 to 15 degrees, and it’s Autumn towards Winter. We properly will see bonfire next week and go to see Mew’s concert soon. We will go to have dinner with my London friends this weekend to catch up. Look forward to seeing them.

Shantou – relax, food & family


Back to Shantou

The most important thing in Shantou is to see my niece – Sissy. I remember she was born for a week then I left Shantou, and now she is 14 months and learning how to walk and talk. She is incredible smart and adorable.

Mum and Dad are very happy to see me being home, especially Mum, she always cooks so many food, and I don’t even need to get out of the house. I love our new house in central of Shantou with enormous rooms and space for niece to play. Actually I do very little at home, basically just relax, eat food, help Mum do some house work, and then spend time with niece ( I enjoy being a babysitter. )

However, I haven’t seen much of my Shantou friends. Some of them are in Guangzhou or Shenzhen, or most of them are married and expecting a child.

Though sometimes I got bored in Shantou, maybe because I am so used to the busy life in metropolitan cites or maybe I don’t realise I am in holiday.

I can’t believe that it will be ended soon with few days. The irony thing is that I quite look forward back to London, to have my own life back, moreover I do miss John a lot. Anyway, John and I will be back to China together soon in next few months.

I always love my home town no matter where I am.





Exciting going back to China

back to China

Since 08/08/2008 last year till today 09/09/2009, I have been away from China and my friends for over 1 year. It seems very long, but it also feels like just yesterday. I guess I could not adjust the weather when I am back to Guangzhou. The weather here in London is perfect temperature about 19-25 degrees, however, Guangzhou is about 35 degrees and very humid. Then I properly will spend one week to adjust the jet-leg.

All these things do not matter when I think of meeting friends, eating delicious food and spending time with my niece and family. The joy will be overcome the bad sides. Yuki and other friends plan to drive to Yangjiang and eat seafood there at the weekend I arrive. On one hand, I can’t wait flying on Tuesday. On the other hand, I do feel sad that John could not join me back to China this time, maybe we will be back during the Chinese New year Next year!

One sad thing is that sister told me Mum has rented out our old house. It means that the house where I had spent 20 years is gone – my white cat, my usual place, and everything. Although the house is old and small, it contains all the memories of my childhood, friends who came to visit, and normal life. I know that sooner or later it will need to be re-decorate it, or sell it, but I will miss it so much!

Anyway, see you soon, my friends! Thanks Trini of her bubble tea and Shantou pictures!



但这些都不要紧,一想到见到老朋友和吃很多中餐,海鲜及最重要是见我姐的女儿,从她出生到现在1年了,我很想念希希!Yuki 已经安排好到达的周末去阳江吃海鲜!我太兴奋了。下周二就飞,但我又舍不得约翰一个人在伦敦,可惜他不能请假太久回去,过年我们再一起回去吧。

一个很伤心的消息,老姐告诉我我家的老房子租给别人了,老房子储存了我20年生活的点滴 - 从小学到中专,朋友来来回回去我家作客,老家虽旧,但很多朋友都感觉是他们的另一个窝。我可怜的白猫,很多角落的点滴,回忆就这样很快消失了。其实我知道老家需要重新专修或租出去的,只是时间问题,我会想念它的!


My newborn niece

My sister told me that her baby was one week late. Since I said goodbye to Guangzhou and came back to Shantou to see my family before I fly to London. I am so surprised that the baby is so eager to say hello to me and the baby was born on 30th July at 3: 35 pm – exactly the day I arrived in Shantou. It’s a baby girl and weighs 5.8kg, with big eyes and looks like exactly like my brother-in-law. I am now officially an aunty.

My family is overwhelming excited; even thought sister was a little bit disappointed it was not a boy, because she was expecting a boy. My brother-in-law and I are happy to have a baby girl anyway! I will be flying this Friday and next time when I see the baby girl, she can speak, and will be more cute. Baby’s English name is called Natalie.



Moving to London

Moving to London

As some of you know, my time in London was a testing period to see what the city is like. Very shortly I will be moving there to study for a masters degree at the University Of London.

Saying goodbye to Guangzhou, and especially my good friends, is not easy. I have spent a total of seven years in Guangzhou, arriving here as an innocent girl from Shantou. I’ve enjoyed my life, my studies, and my jobs here in Guangzhou and it is not without some sadness that I leave. However, although I am scared I am also excited to have something new and challenging to look forward to. I will need to start from scratch and work very hard, but the rewards should be well worth it.

I really wish I could take all my friends with me to London and I will miss them all. I am so glad they are always there for me and want them to know that they have played an important part of my life. I wish the best of luck to all of my friends and hope to see them in London.

See you soon Guangzhou.





Family gethering in New Year 2008


What it will be a good beginning to start 2008? John decided to meet my parents, and we have our new plan for 2008, that I will be studying in London for my masters and we moved to London. I am not sure my parents will like the ideas, so the most important thing is to introduce John to my parents. I know it sounds silly that we have been dating for almost 5 years now, and finally we have the chance to introduce both properly.

With a tremendous good news is that my parents have moved to the new house, where is next to the Meritus Shantou Hotel. The house is designed by my brother-in-law Marco with a modern, soficiticated but simple. Although it won’t be the same house we grow up and spent 20 years, I like our new house, big, fashion and the location is fantastic.

Anyway, John was nervous to see my parents. My Dad treated us to the expensive Chinese seafood restaurant at the first night. My Dad knew John doesn’t like seafood, but have already prepared several vegetarian dishes for him. How lovely it is! Then next day Marco drove us to travel around Shantou. Unfortunately because it was new year, many local cuisine shops were closed, but John has tried some traditional bubble tea in OU JI. The third day, John saw our whole family relatives including my grandmum accidently. With the kindness everyone was enthusiastic to show John about different things, drinking gongfu tea with him. However, we didnot stay long and went to hang out with my friends. Last day we spent sometime with my cousin Aileen & Xun to have breakfast and we left Shantou.

The time in Shantou was short, but fun! It was a special New Year for us and we hope to see them very soon again!



约翰蛮紧张去看我爸妈的,老爸请我们去吃海鲜,知道约翰吃斋专门点了很多斋菜,真贴心!第二天姐夫车我们去游览汕头,看很多旧时后留下来的古迹,例如:小公园的英国邮电局 (我从来都不知道呢), 下午我们去亲戚家见了40多个亲戚!这下子约翰可吓呆了,大家蛮给他和功夫茶,吃这个吃那个,大家对他都很热情,我们见太多人就走了,和同学一起去喝欧吉珍珠奶茶!第三天早上,我们和表姐晓华表妹旬一起在麦当劳吃早餐之后就回广州了,结束了短短4天的新年之游。约翰很感激大家的厚爱,让他留下汕头超级好的印象,他甚至说大家都很热情,给他一个不一样的新年。希望很快和大家再相见拉。

(我带眼镜是因为要去做 镭射激光治疗,请见笑哦 !)

I love my hometown – Shantou



老是想写点什么关于汕头的,但由于工作,一直没有很多时间去动笔;直到看到涵了点关于汕头的,才让我有灵感写下几段话跟大家分享。汕头-一个让我感到骄傲的城市,一个我土生土长的地方,它的空气,它的土地是抚养育我成长,认识我的所有朋友都知道我总为是汕头人为自豪,而给我一个称号 “特区青年”,。


一个给我美好童年, 塑造我独立个性, 恩赐我许多疼爱我的朋友们; 我总为我小学时候11 人帮而骄傲, 我老做带头羊跟他们去 “攻城” , 早上5: 30 在我楼下停车场打羽毛球; 放学后到四五个哥们到 我家打麻将; 我们就像电影中的 ( Eleven Ocean ) 11罗汉, 可惜他们个个都是学习上的精英成绩都在top 10 , 从不会被老师骂; 每次去哪里玩, 出事背黑锅的一定是我, 可怜的我! 虽我们11罗汉现在分散世界各地, 个个都为自己的将来而奋斗, 聚少散多, 但彼此的默契是永远不会磨灭的, 直到现在我们都个很好得姐妹兄弟, 我为有他们而骄傲.这是我人生中最开心的求学第一阶段。



中专篇 - (觉悟的年代)

一个让我锻炼英文的基地, 在许多十分聪明和多才多艺的同学中,给与我三年时间去了解他们,互相学习。在树造我的个性,大家出了很多功劳,永远忘记不了第一年在东夏路操场上的体育课,音乐课,哈哈,大家都是多么天真无邪;和旖旎在出演“小红帽”的英文话剧,到第二,三年时候,中午被逼要在学校吃饭,楼下的“沙县”啊姨长期照顾;,在大型电影院的“Do Re Mi” 歌剧,回想起来时间的流逝, 中专是我第二个最开心的求学阶段。



人生的三分之一在求学阶段,我总对自己说自己是多么幸运,汕头给我快乐人生的三分之一,我也希望我人生的三分之二也是这么的幸运。一个让我永远有归属感的地方,空气都比外面新鲜十倍,汕头人总有种“倍思亲”的传统,虽然在外,心总在汕头,从小到现在总想为汕头贡献的什么,以后有钱也会为我可爱的汕头贡献,这是我的心愿;所以年少的心总想到外面看看世界,体验下外面有多大,不同新鲜的事物,喜欢改变又害怕改变的矛盾心里,喜欢在摸索中学习,满足自己的好奇心,希望不辜负父母给我的这一条生命。 没有来过汕头的朋友们,记得要来这个美丽的小城市! 很快我会附上从小学到初中到中专我的相片。