Back to London

It’s good to be back in London, and call this marvellous city once again our home. I enjoyed our Leeds life, and also made a lot of incredible friends. Norther people dislike London for reasons, just like Souther people tease Northerner about their accents. I take it as different culture and I really appreciate the various culture backgrounds among this country.

After all the hard working moving and driving from North, we finally settle down and had time to relax in our new home and new area.

North London is always the first choice for John if we want to live in London, so at the end, we are living in North West London next to Primrose Hill. While we enjoy the area in Spring and Summer, we will fully make use of the area to offer. John and I said that so far, we don’t need to central London at all, because all the restaurants and shops in Camden have already kept us occupied.

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