Tandis Persian Restaurant Review

It was John’s birthday today, however John and I don’t really fussy about our birthday at all, and it’s just another day to let ourselves to have excuses to eat out somewhere.

John saw a Persian restaurant next to us called Tandis, got a good reviews so we booked a table and try it there. Price was very reasonable and with a fancy decor inside the restaurant. We orders some persian bread and two starters. One of them were the grill aubergine, and seriously it was the most amazing starter I had ever had. It was incredible tasty.

I ordered a lamb fillet, and John ordered a grill chicken. It was big portion and really authentic. The lamb fillet was not over cook at all, tender and juicy. It was a great value and very tasty. Starters from £3-5, main course from £10, my lamb fillet is £13.99.

It was really a good restaurant and I will definitely recommend people to try it!

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