Swan Lake Ballet

I always want to see ballet performance in London, so it did have an amazing Swan Lake of English National Ballet at London Coliseum. I asked my girl friend Nicole to join me and we were right on time to enjoy the ballet.

It was my second time to see Swan Lake. Last time I saw it in Guangzhou XingHai Concert Hall few years old. Swan Lake is a classical piece and it will always desirable for audiences.

With a live Orchestra band, it is most romantic, powerful as well as beautiful performance. It’s amazing that all the talented ballets dancers are transforming such a good stories into a vilid and dynamic dance. I fell in love it swan lake, and wish to be one of the swan.

Recent movie Black Swan is also a magnificent movie. It is good to portrait Ballet artists is trying so hard to be perfection and it is not an industry that people normally talk a lot. It was a great movie and I did enjoy it as well.

Sometimes I think people are obsessed about Ballet because it is like untouchable and like a dream – a beautiful dream. Ballet and Opera are two of my favourite musical art and they are timeless.

Ballet Cover pictures from Ballet News Official website, London Coliseum are from mine.

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