A London Day Trip to show my friend

Post box in Hyde ParkLondon eye night time Paliament A historical building next to westminster abby Buckingham palace National portrait gallery Trafalgar square westminster abby garden

Living and working in London for few years now and sometimes it is still amazed me how great London is, and how charming this city is. Some of the historical buildings were built in hundred years old, or maybe even older. There are so many places and facilities to appreciate arts and literature culture, such as museums, galleries, opera houses and some old castles etc.

There are thousands of different restaurants, cafés and boutique shops. London is a financial, fashionable, artistic, historical and multicultural city. The city that never sleeps, and that’s why London was / is / will be always a desire city among all over the countries to live. The price you pay for all this excitements is it is an expensive to live in.


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