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Friday night out in Leeds

Since moved to Leeds, we have been so busy organising the new house. After two weeks, we finished it mostly, and decided to eat out on Friday night.

Piccolino Restaurant

I haven’t try a lot of restaurants yet, but it certainly plenty in city centre. On John’s birthday, we went to the Italian restaurant Piccolino Restaurant in Park Row. It was really expensive like London price. Main courses are like £12-14. I ordered a sausage risotto and was really a good one. However, portion was small, but taste really authentic! John and Mel ordered the chicken pizza and they both said it was really good. 4 out of 5 stars

Primo Ristorante

On Friday night, we tried another Italian restaurant downstairs of our building called Primo Ristorante. It had really fancy decoration inside. Price is really good – main courses are from £10, and pasta / Pizza was £6-7. Wine is from £14. Dishes was well presented, and really tasty; services were friendly too! However, I wish the dishes could be bigger portion. For example, I ordered a duck with berries sauce, and it came with 4 pieces meats. Despite the portion, it tasted really good. 4 out of 5 stars

Sky Lounge

Then we went to the popular bar called Sky Lounge on the top of the City Inn Hotel. The decoration and atmosphere was fantastic. Drinks are same price in London, but worth a try and certainly will bring my friends there again!

It all thanks to Melanie and Paul to take us to experience these good places!

Backstreet Jazz Bar

There are only 2 jazz bars in Guangzhou. One is the Blue Note, where my friends band has been performing for several couple years (although they had to perform in the Garden Hotel – everyday I can listen to live jazz music between 6pm – 7 pm). The other one is the Backstreet Jazz Bar, situated in the lovely surroundings of Guangzhou’s Ersha Island. Around the corner is the Xinghai Concert Hall, and at the end of the street is the Pearl River. You can’t be any better situated. And also it’s one of the few areas where you can enjoy a walk in peace.

The bar is a two storey glass building set inside a bamboo forest. A lower ‘Jazz’ floor opens out into a small upstairs restaurant area, and the two are joined together, and with the outside world, by a complicated series of stairs, bridges, and sliding doors. The decor is dark, metallic, and subdued, with lots of glass and mirrors. Look very modern, fancy, and you feel naked, like you are walking in the air. Pretty cool.

The restaurant ostensibly serves Latin-American styled food, although it borders on the generic American Italian. The prices are high and portions are small. Drinks, although available in a wide array of forms, are equally served in small quantities. Ask for a glass of wine and you’ll think yourself the butt of a joke; drink it fast otherwise the meagre serving will evaporate.

The staff are nice and friendly, and some of them are from other countries of Asian who speak English only. The restaurant is focusing on attracting foreign people in Guangzhou so English speaking staff is necessary. The food itself is very tasty.

At around 8.30 a quartet of musicians arrive on the tiny downstairs stage, boasting musicians from Canada, Russia, Brazil, and China. Quite a mix. A smooth talking Geraldo Lucio sings, trying his best to draw the small crowd into the music. Herein lies the main problem with the Backstreet: it’s too big and the crowds are too small. The music is excellent, and Lucio prowls the audience trying to get some feedback, but they are too thin and from a very different cultural background to provide him what he wants.

To cut a long story short, we enjoyed the food and the new jazz band. The band only stay here for 2 months. So if anyone who like jazz and want to experience different music passion, I highly recommend it’s worth to be there and enjoy the music.

Show this month

Backstreet Jazz invited Sebastian Schunke on October 2007 to perform in GZ. Jazz fans, don’t miss this chance

9.10. Guangzhou, BackStreet, Jazz Club, 21.45 -23.45
10.10. Guangzhou, Back Street Jazz Club, 21.45- 23.35

在广州爵士吧只有两间,一间是“蓝调”在淘金路,一间在二沙岛的星海音乐学院的隔壁,叫“后街爵士餐厅& 酒吧”,在一个很隐蔽的地方,外面都是绿色的灯和竹子为起来的,只是看到“后街”用大红色的灯格外突出,楼进门的楼梯都用玻璃做成的,再由一道自动的铁门进入,里面的装修很有品位和时尚,里面基调都是红色和透明的玻璃的结合,连过道都是一道磨沙玻璃连接起来的,二楼是餐厅,7-8张桌子,后面是一个长长的调酒吧台,陈列和几百种酒;楼下是一个摆放Live的乐队的乐器,和10几张吧台和很 Cozy的沙发,装修来说,无懈可击,就想JAZZ 一样充满鲜红的热情,象玻璃一样能看穿人们的心理…


说到重心点:一只好的爵士乐队才是餐厅的灵魂,9:30乐队才开始演出,钢琴手从加拿大请来的叫Doug Louie (douglouie.com) 后来和他们成为好朋友之后我才知道人家的来历都还不小呢,想过来这边看看中国,还有一个多重国际的巴西人事Geraldo Lucio,和一个刚从上海请来的鼓手Tom Lee, 大提琴低音是由我朋友现在在花园酒店表演中跳选过去的,算是一个很难得的结合;我之前因为朋友生日,去过“后街”一次,说是澳大利亚来的女歌手,真是一般再一般啊;因为我在上海希尔顿听过很专业的爵士再说这么多年对爵士的热爱,你就会知道什么是好,什么是不好;所以,这次他们的新组合真的很棒!真希望广州能多点爵士听众!长话短说,可惜这只乐队在这里逗留的时间仅限两个月;所以“后街”这只新的乐队是值得大家去听一下的,感受不同音乐带来的给你不同感受•

2005年曾来中国香港/广州/上海/深圳演出;因自己错过德他们首次在广州的表演爵士乐队的表演而感到遗憾,昨天收到他的经理人对广大爵士歌迷的宣布: 10月份Sebastian Schunke终于再次到中国,广州,表演。这次到10月9-10号在广州的后街爵士餐厅表演,我一定不会错过的.

Thailand Trip


We planed to travel in Thailand by ourselves in May Pubic holiday. We booked the Air Asia Airline from Macao to Bangkok. Air Asia is cheap for the backpack traveler.

First destination: Bangkok

Bangkok known to the locals as Krungthep (City of Angels) is the rapidly beating heart of Thailand. Despite being just over 200 years old, it houses 8 million people and has all the facilities that a modern capital requires.

Here you will find the Grand Palace and the floating market, as well as the infamous Khao San road, and many other seedier tourist delights.
Bangkok suffers from major traffic problems, and journeys can (and often will) take much longer than the distance would have you believe. To alleviate this, Bangkok constructed the Expressway, cutting straight through the city. Additionally, there is the Skytrain, an overhead metro system, as well as an underground metro system.

There is another transportation is called Tuk Tuk. They will offer you a very good deal about travel in Bangkok; but it turned out they drive you to visit a tailor, a jeweller, or a restaurant. Just completely ignore TukTuk; take a taxi and save yourself any hassle.
Without sounding intimidating, you do need to apply a lot of common sense in Bangkok or the whole Thailand. As a tourist you will be a prime target for small-time scams, cons, and rip-offs. This is I didn’t enjoy the transportation in Bangkok. You couldn’t trust anyone at all. Who knows anyone came to talk to you and being nice to you, it turned out they all want you to visit the jeweler shop…

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace, home of the King for nearly two centuries, is probably Bangkok’s number one tourist destination and a required visit for everyone. It is a vast and intoxicating mixture of temples, shrines, palaces, and heavily jewelled and painted architecture.
A visit here is well worth the 250 baht entrance fee. It’s more than just a mere Kodak-moment, and you’ll likely spend the first 10 minutes walking around in astonishment at the sheer variety and quantity of sights.

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