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After graduated, I haven’t seen Nicole for almost a year and a half. Since moved back to London and had a holiday in China, (which I am still adjust all the holiday pictures and will post it soon) our new … Continue reading

Farewell Leeds, Back To London

We have been living in Leeds for a year, and it’s a tremendous good experience to live in the North. Being able to access the North Yorkshire such as Yorkshire Dale, York, Harrogate, Haworth etc, many old traditional towns and villages are a great experience to live and travel to. Not mention that it’s also sweet to live somewhere near John’s family, and we had a lot of family gathering.

From central London moved to Leeds, then moved back to central London again, people must think we are crazy. Maybe we are. I guess that wherever you got a better opportunity, wherever you will be. John and I are not scared of changing, and of course it could be tiresome sometimes.

I met a lot of new colleagues who became my good friends in Leeds. I am sure that life in Leeds without them is not the same, and friends are such an important part of my life. It’s sad to leave them, but we will always be friends wherever we are.

We will live in Chalk Farm North West of London, 8 minutes walk to Primrose hill and Regent Park which is a fantastic area to access to pubs, restaurants, central london, shopping, and Camden market. I think we will spoil ourselves a lot just by eating and having fun in our new area. We are very looking forward to have another exciting life in London again. I don’t think I am tired of London yet, but life has different priorities, and it requires changing all the time depends on those priorities.

Look forward to back to London

Champagne In Harvey Nicole

Mel, Alex and me decided to have another night out. I always enjoy our girls night with a lot of chatting and wine. We went to Harvey Nicole for our first Champagne bottle, then we went to 2 popular pubs in city centre for our cocktails (don’t know their names, but was fun even though it was a raining night)

I do like girls night with cocktails or champagne and girls sharing. It was a fun night and always so nice to hang out with Mel and Alex.

Eileen and Rok Visiting Leeds

Eileen and Rok came to visit us before Christmas. I am glad that the early snow didn’t affect our schedule. Living in London, they get used to being in a city and it’s time to show them famous Yorkshire countrysides and some pretty villages.

We took them to Derbyshire Bakewell first, then went to Chatsworth house, because day time was quite short in winter, we had to make sure that we caught the best day light before the sunset. Then drove back to Leeds, and ate in Thai Edge for dinner, then went to the pub.

On the last day of their visit, we decided to take them to North Yorkshire to visit Haworth, and had a big lunch with beef yorkshire pudding and went to hiking a little bit before it went dark.

The weather was so cold, most of days were -4 degree to -10 degree. We spent most of time chatting and enjoyed the scenery. I did enjoy the trips with Eileen and Rok, and they were great accompanies. Moreover, It’s such a wonderful experience to see all the places covered snow.Everything looked like a picture, and I felt like I was living in fairy tale story.

Britain is truly pretty in every season.

Karaoke Crazy Night

My colleague asked me join them for a Karaoke night in city centre. I never went to a Karaoke Bar in the UK, even though it used to my favourite place to hang out with my friends back to China. I always like singing and is a good way to spend time with your friends as well.

It was different comparing in China. People in China were more focus on the quality of the hi-fi and the microphone sound, and they want to to be professional sounds. However, the quality of the hi-fi of that Karaoke bar was quite basic, people were more care to have fun. We got the most crazy and fun night ever. We were dancing, singing and had so much laugh, even some people I judy met them in the first time. They were so open and just had fun, no matter what! I like that attitude.

Miwa Visiting Me

Miwa was so kindly to come to Leeds to keep me accompanied because she knew that John will be away to Florida for a week, and she was afraid that I will be lonely. Miwa arrived Saturday afternoon, then we went to town to have a walk with Melanie, and done some shopping. I took her to the restaurant called Thai Edge. It was absolutely delicious, authentic with reasonable price. I got my favourite curry crab. I missed it so much. It was 4.5 out of 5 definitely.

We decided to go to Manchester on Sunday, and just chilled out and ate food. Miwa and I didn’t do much research, and just booked the ticket to Manchester. Two little girls were in the big strange city, but we managed well. We went to Tai Hu Dimsum restaurant we went before with John, and we ordered 10 dishes dimsum and finished them all. The time when we finished lunch, all the shops were almost closed.

It’s nice of Miwa spending time with me because she will be back to Japan permanently and I won’t see her easily like she is in London now. I am so glad that I got Eileen, Miwa and Vicky as good friends in London.

Friends forever, no matter where they are!

Best Friend Shine in the UK

I got two best friends who are Caro and Shine, both we have been together for more than 20 years. One thing I always feel blessing is that you have a best friend in your life and that’s all you need.

Shine and I are very close and she knows everything of me, and she is the one who will always be there for me. Since John and I moved to the UK, I miss her so much, and so excited to hear that she was coming to have a holiday here.

We drove to the Ilkey moors and Bolton Abbey, then back home to have Sunday Roast. It’s shame that Shine didn’t stay long in Leeds, but we had a good time together. Sometimes I hate growing up, because you can not spend as much time as we used to be in the University, and talked about our future and silly dreams. Life is going on, and we are getting old together.

I am a lucky woman who has such a best friend supports me in every way. When Shine is not here, John replaces her place and keep me warm and give me strength on the road.  A song to Shine and me…

Keane – The Night Sky
One day I will be back in our old street
Safe from the noise that’s falling around me…

Glad to see friends again

Autumn in London

Since I had been away from London, I was busy meeting my old friends, plus facebook has blocked in China. So that I couldn’t update news with my friends. Back to London, first thing is to meet up with Eileen and Vicky at the weekend. We went to eat in a korean restaurant, and had a walk near London eye, where we normal walk after dinner.

Eileen has her hair cut short and told me some changes of her life. Vicky has a new boyfriend and they seem doing well. I am glad for them whether it’s good or bad to have some change in life, and we all do. I am so happy to catch up with them and hear different stories.

John and I have been thinking that I might have some driving lessons here and get a drive license soon. It cost 20 pound per hour, and need 30 lessons at least to learn how to drive. John said it won’t be easy and I know my ex-manager was failed to get his license, and it is so scared to think how difficult it will be. I guess it’s all about practicing and experience. Wish me luck and hope I don’t waste the money. There are always so much pressure in life. Urg…

Guangzhou – Too Much Fun

Guangzhou - too much fun

Back to Guangzhou

I was so looking forward back to China. There are two things I have to do; one is to eat a lot of chinese food, and to see my friends. I arrived on Thursday night after 12 hours plane plus 3 hours couch from HK airport, but I was still very excited to meet Casper and Shine. They have been waiting for me at ‘Uncle’ which is a HK canteen style restaurant to have dinner with me. However, I was not aware of Yuki and other friends had booked a table to welcome me. At the end, I hanged out with all my friends at my first night.

The whole Guangzhou trip was so busy that I didn’t have time to feel jet-leg. First day, I had dimsum with my ex-colleagues, and went to visit their new office. It did feel weird, and felt like I had never left before. Anyway, it’s so good to see them again.

Then friends had arranged a trip to Yangjiang at the weekend. We were so lucky to eat a lot of seafood which just caught from the ocean. After dinner, we went to have firework on the beach, then ate again. Thanks Jenie’s husband for their hospitality, so that we ate, slept and entertained well. It was a unforgettable journey.

The rest days in Guangzhou I ate with friends and went to foot / body massages basically every night. It wasn’t enough to spend one week in Guangzhou, then I have to back to Shantou to see my family.

It’s hard to say goodbye to my Guangzhou friends! I wish I could be here forever.




接下来的每天都是朋友请我吃饭,按摩,吃点心。这次再和啊娜见了面,她真客气,还请了我们吃顿1千多的饭,谢谢她的有心!我的广州之旅真是奢侈和开心。我真的要谢谢所有广州的朋友们,爱你们在心口难开啊,没有你们,就没有我今天的开心。 实在不舍得和你们说再见,不过我会再回去和你们见面的。等我喔!

Korean Food hosted by Eileen


One of my best friends in London Eileen (Jiyong) from Seoul has invited us to her place in Wimbledon, and made some Korean food for us and we also explored around Wimbledon area. It was a fun day to eat good food with friends and knew more about Korean culture. Eileen is a very independent and cool girl and I appreciate her personality a lot.

After we stuff with too much food, we had a walk to the Wimbledon Park for almost 2 hours. The park was well-maintained and  many young families were enjoying their afternoon with their babies.  There are many independent fashion shops, food stores, cafes and restaurants. Overall, Wimbledon is a nice place to live and it is only in Zone 3.

Over a year in London, I am very glad that I found some of the close friends to share experiences. Life is not easy to go through without friends. Thanks all the friends in my life to keep my alive and accompanied.

韩国好朋友 Eileen (Jiyong)邀请我们去她家吃韩国菜,她住在温布顿,离市中心1个小时。她从早上9点就起来准备,弄了很多好吃的给我们,还给我些打包呢,真贴心!昨天过得真的开心,大家一起动手帮忙,然后吃吃喝喝聊天,是最开心的事!Eileen是个十分独立有个性的女孩,我很欣赏她的性格。


在伦敦快1年了,快乐的时间过太快了,但很开心认识蛮多好朋友的。大家来自世界各地,从认识到成为好朋友,难得大家性格的都相近而又成熟,可以一起能分享生活的点滴,真蛮难得。 生活假如没有好朋友陪同,真难过!谢谢朋友们和我一起走过的日子。