Highgate Cemetery + Hampstead Heath

It was a really hot day about 32 degree. John and I decided to visit the famous Highgate Cemetery. Normally if we were in China, this was really spooky and superstitiously wrong, however, it seems ok and respectful to visit cemetery in London.

I was still a little bit scared and worried to do so because the culture I had been brought up, but John seemed really relax and enjoyed the hot day in the cemetery and took some interesting pictures.

After cemetery, we walked about 3 miles and walked through one of my favourites places Hampstead Heath Park and village. It was a posh place and such a family life atmosphere in Hampstead health village. It has so many clothes shops, cafes and restaurants and local shops. It has my favourite butcher shop I normal visit for sausages and desserts. I wish I can live there and it is super expensive to buy a hour here. Maybe one day when I become rich.

I like the relaxing weekends like this. Enjoyed the sun and had a long walk to see different places in London.

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