The Cranberries in Hammersmith Apollo


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I booked to see The Cranberries long time ago and they rescheduled in October. I used to listen all their albums when I was in teenage. I remember my sister and I love them so much. Back to 10 years … Continue reading

Happy Mid-Autunm Festival 中秋节快乐!


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Mum reminded me this Sunday is Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Traditionally family gathering together eat a fancy meal at home. The dessert will be special moon cake with Gong Fu Tea. John said I never bought him a moon cake since … Continue reading

Highgate Cemetery + Hampstead Heath


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It was a really hot day about 32 degree. John and I decided to visit the famous Highgate Cemetery. Normally if we were in China, this was really spooky and superstitiously wrong, however, it seems ok and respectful to visit … Continue reading

Russian Party


Olesya from Russia invited us to join her house party on Saturday night. Actually I am not really familiar with Russian culture, either with the food. Even though Russia is close by the Northern China, it feels so far away from the Southern China where I grew up. But I am glad that I have met Olesya and she showed me a lot of real Russian food and culture. With all the hard work preparation for the party, she had woken up 6 am and home-made all food with her closest friend Anastasia. The food looked professional as well as tasting delicious.

After few bottles of wine and vodka, everyone started dancing, talking, laughing and enjoying themselves. When we tried to leave, Olesya and Anastasia didn’t want us to leave, then gave us a lot of hugging and kisses – not sure it was the alcohol effect or the Russian culture that they look tough and cold outside, but after being friends with them, they are very warm and passionate inside.

I guess one thing I learn about Russian culture from Olesya is that everything needs to be perfect and she is a very discipline girl. (I am sure there are some exceptional people like her) It was a fantastic party and we enjoyed a lot, also experienced another type of culture in the UK. Here some of the pictures.


俄罗斯来的澳丽莎周六邀请我们参加她在她家开的的派对,说实在话,我不是很熟悉俄罗斯文化和食物,虽说俄罗斯和北部的中国是近邻,历史或政治上也很多‘关系’,但俄罗斯对在南方长大的我,实在太遥远太陌生了。 但我十分高兴认识澳丽莎,她让我认识了很多俄罗斯文化和食物。她说她早上6点和她老友安娜就起来准备食物。派对食物看起来十分专业及好吃。

过了一会,几瓶红酒和伏特加之后,大家纷纷跳舞,开始变得疯狂 - 不知道是酒精的效应还是这就是俄罗斯的文化,虽然他们有时候看起来十分强壮和严肃,但和他们认识之后,才发掘其实他们内心很温暖及热情。我在澳丽莎身上学到俄罗斯文化的一点就是他们的严禁纪律性和一切都要整齐完美,不能有瑕疵。当然也可能有很多不同的例子。我们12点先走人,她们不让我们走,老亲亲抱抱我们说不要走,他们继续派对到4点。我十分享受这个特别的‘俄罗斯派对’,对我来说,又体验了一个不同国籍的文化是一件极开心和特别的体验。这里有些照片和大家分享。

Congfu Tea Culture


Congfu Tea , talking about Congfu tea it made me have a thought about another different culture in between Chinese and Western country.

Cong Fu tea, which is popular in Chaoshan area of Guangdong and the south of Fujian, is integrated with many aspects of tea such as spirit, ceremony, tea-making technique, and quality commentary. Regulations are made for the tea sets, tea-leaves and water, and its making, teaing and serving. It’s wonderful beyond words to sip and taste tea slowly and carefully with the small pot and cups. The fragrant of tea is divide several like green tea Tieguanyin, brown tea Oolong tea etc. As a chaoshanese from Shantou we are not only proud of our Congfu tea culture, every one also know how to make Congfu tea. but today we aren’t talking about how to make the Congfu tea; we are going to talk about the core of Congfu tea spirit.

Western people normally there have four dairy drinking cultures. One is coffee culture or British brown tea with milk and sugar one, the Coke drinking and the sparking water. In west, people drinking or eating are very individual way because people are more emphasis on what you own like and respect the other people’s choice. Western people are prefer to their own characteristics and specialties.

In Chaoshan or even the China, we are more emphasis on the group. My foreign friends always say Chinese like to follow the leader; Like if a shop has many people on the line waiting; other people might think it’s the nice shop, then follow the group. We like have a big drink or big meal like Hot-pot and everyone share with the same pot. Like Congfu tea, congfu tea always have 3 cups or more than 3 cups; it means all the people are sitting around the tea-set and talk in a group. It’s like a small party with serving a Congfu tea. That’s why people in China always say Chaoshaneses have the coherence of all the Chanshan people; I think it’s naturally form from our dairy life eating & living and become a culture.

It’s just funny that when I had a congfu tea with friends and talked about Congfu tea spirit and I realized it’s true that the different living style form in different culture, and I suggest sometimes these two opposite culture should exchange. Let Chinese experience more individual more; let westerners enjoy more group spirit.





Adopting an Eastern Child

I went to Baiyun Airport in Guanghzou today for working and something inspired me to write in my blog today. When I walked inside I saw a party of about 10 couples from the west holding a Chinese or Asian child in each of their arms. All the children had eastern faces. I sat there and noticed that there was another couple that had an eastern boy who couldn’t talk English at all; obviously his parents are from American by their accent. Then I went back home and grabbed a bite to eat in Mc Donald’s, and there I saw more couples with eastern children again.

Actually, I saw a lot of these situations in consulates nearby in Shamian, which is where Guangzhou’s Pearl River is. Then I went back home and coincidently saw a program from ABC News 20/20—“aging out” talking about the thousands of orphaned children in American who are waiting to have a home again, or to be adopted. Well. It sounds dramatic, but it did happen today.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence to see all this adoption stuff, but it did make me think a lot. I like babies, and think it’s very sweet to see more orphan children being adopted. Nowadays new couples prefer to have there own child, as well as adopting a child from a poorer country. One of my teachers, Lima, who is pregnant, told me she will adopt children;she said: “We will adopt children from poor countries, because there are so many children who need a home or need to be loved.” I think this is a really good philosophy.

What I learnt from today, and what inspired me is “Love does make the world go around”. It shows us that love is not selfish or possessing. Love is giving and showing to a new born child and that they are a gift from Heaven. You can say there is more social welfare in the west and people don’t have to worry about life as much; Meanwhile, China is rapidly developing its economy and I wonder how many years it will take Chinese people to have this thought of giving and not just possessing? It always takes times.


今天因工作关系我到了广州白云机场,当我看到一个外国团体十几对夫妇都各抱着有着东方脸孔的小孩子, 他们都对孩子们十分疼爱。然后我在一个地方坐下,同时另一对有着美国口音的夫妇也在我身边走过,他们有个东方小孩,大约4/5 岁,根本不会说英语,自己拖着比他大十倍的行李箱活泼乱跳着;而当我饿了随便在麦当劳吃了快餐时,也被我看到了又一对美国夫妇自己有了一个孩子,另外在收养一个东方小孩。


我是个十分爱小孩的人,其实当我看到更多的夫妇收养更多的孩子,有种很温馨很温暖的感觉; 现在新一代的夫妇都喜欢自己生一个小孩收养另一个小孩,曾经是我的导师,现在正怀孕的Lima对我说:我们以后也想收养更多比较穷国家的小孩, 因为这个世界有太多的小孩需要一个家和需要被爱!多么感人的一番话啊。