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Back to Shantou

The most important thing in Shantou is to see my niece – Sissy. I remember she was born for a week then I left Shantou, and now she is 14 months and learning how to walk and talk. She is incredible smart and adorable.

Mum and Dad are very happy to see me being home, especially Mum, she always cooks so many food, and I don’t even need to get out of the house. I love our new house in central of Shantou with enormous rooms and space for niece to play. Actually I do very little at home, basically just relax, eat food, help Mum do some house work, and then spend time with niece ( I enjoy being a babysitter. )

However, I haven’t seen much of my Shantou friends. Some of them are in Guangzhou or Shenzhen, or most of them are married and expecting a child.

Though sometimes I got bored in Shantou, maybe because I am so used to the busy life in metropolitan cites or maybe I don’t realise I am in holiday.

I can’t believe that it will be ended soon with few days. The irony thing is that I quite look forward back to London, to have my own life back, moreover I do miss John a lot. Anyway, John and I will be back to China together soon in next few months.

I always love my home town no matter where I am.





4 thoughts on “Shantou – relax, food & family

  1. Hi Carmen!
    Back to the UK already?
    I’m glad that you had a nice day in GZ & ST with friends & family! It’s been a long time & you excited before seeing them, isn’t it? Haha

  2. It is. I arrived London yesterday. I had a great fun time in GZ and Shantou. It was too short that I got time to catch up with you! Never mind, John and I will back soon, next time!

    Hope your study and life is happy. We are going to see Mew’s concert soon.

  3. Wow! That’s amazing! Mew’s gig! =D
    Oh I’m going to Maximilian Hecker’s gig too. Last year also in Nov, I missed his performance cos of school stuff in Guangzhou. Now I’m catching the opportunity! XD

    Let’s enjoy the gigs and get rid of the pressure we got at work or school, and find some meanings or realise some truths from music. =)

  4. Yeah, sounds great for me. I’ll keep tracking your blog review. Hopefully John and I will see you in Chinese New Yeah. Pls wait for us for dimsum, I promise. Haha…

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