Chaozhou Trip (next to my home town)

Chaozhou is famously known as one of the great cultural centres in the Lingnan region of China. Chaozhou culture is known worldwide as a unique part of world heritage. It’s one hour drive from Shantou (my home town).

John always wanted to visit Chaozhou, so brother-in-law drove us all together for a day trip.  Aileen knows a lot of famous places and culture. It’s nice to have a guide to explain and share the experience. As I remembered, I went to Chaozhou when I was 13-14 years old in School Trip, I had a good time with old school mates, but otherwise,  I don’t remember much.

John thought even though Chaozhou looks poorer, it remained a lot of traditional Chinese temples and culture which is disappearing from the modern culture. After all sightseeing, then we went to eat Vegetarian food for dinner.

It was a great day trip and we enjoyed a lot.

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