Home-made Shantou (my home-town) classical dishes


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Slow-cooked five spice pork belly with tofu and cooked egg recipe is super popular in my hometown. It is a must-have dish in every family table. I seldom cook it because John doesn’t like fatty food, but I truly adore … Continue reading

Chaozhou Trip (next to my home town)


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Chaozhou is famously known as one of the great cultural centres in the Lingnan region of China. Chaozhou culture is known worldwide as a unique part of world heritage. It’s one hour drive from Shantou (my home town). John always … Continue reading

Congfu Tea Culture


Congfu Tea , talking about Congfu tea it made me have a thought about another different culture in between Chinese and Western country.

Cong Fu tea, which is popular in Chaoshan area of Guangdong and the south of Fujian, is integrated with many aspects of tea such as spirit, ceremony, tea-making technique, and quality commentary. Regulations are made for the tea sets, tea-leaves and water, and its making, teaing and serving. It’s wonderful beyond words to sip and taste tea slowly and carefully with the small pot and cups. The fragrant of tea is divide several like green tea Tieguanyin, brown tea Oolong tea etc. As a chaoshanese from Shantou we are not only proud of our Congfu tea culture, every one also know how to make Congfu tea. but today we aren’t talking about how to make the Congfu tea; we are going to talk about the core of Congfu tea spirit.

Western people normally there have four dairy drinking cultures. One is coffee culture or British brown tea with milk and sugar one, the Coke drinking and the sparking water. In west, people drinking or eating are very individual way because people are more emphasis on what you own like and respect the other people’s choice. Western people are prefer to their own characteristics and specialties.

In Chaoshan or even the China, we are more emphasis on the group. My foreign friends always say Chinese like to follow the leader; Like if a shop has many people on the line waiting; other people might think it’s the nice shop, then follow the group. We like have a big drink or big meal like Hot-pot and everyone share with the same pot. Like Congfu tea, congfu tea always have 3 cups or more than 3 cups; it means all the people are sitting around the tea-set and talk in a group. It’s like a small party with serving a Congfu tea. That’s why people in China always say Chaoshaneses have the coherence of all the Chanshan people; I think it’s naturally form from our dairy life eating & living and become a culture.

It’s just funny that when I had a congfu tea with friends and talked about Congfu tea spirit and I realized it’s true that the different living style form in different culture, and I suggest sometimes these two opposite culture should exchange. Let Chinese experience more individual more; let westerners enjoy more group spirit.