Happy Mid-Autunm Festival 中秋节快乐!

Mum reminded me this Sunday is Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Traditionally family gathering together eat a fancy meal at home. The dessert will be special moon cake with Gong Fu Tea.

John said I never bought him a moon cake since we know each other, so we have to celebrate Mid-autumn festival this year. We went to Pear Liang  – the best dimsum restaurant in Paddington for lunch, then went to Soho for a bubble tea. Walked to China town and bought a box of ice moon-cake for John.

Why ice moon-cake? Traditional moon-cake has one or two salty duck egg yorks inside with red bean paste or lotus seed paste. It supposes to have saltiness and sweetness in contrast. John doesn’t like egg yorks in general, so a new style of ice-moon-cake is perfect for him.

It made by sticky rice outside with different fruit flavours. They taste all gorgeous with delicious fruit paste inside. Some of them like the chocolate one, even has a running chocolate sauce inside. It was super delicious, but not too sweet.

I remember I was put of eating moon-cake long time ago because it was so sweet. When you are kids, you love the festival atmosphere and the food. However, after few years, (like Chinese New Year or Christmas) you don’t feel any special at all. You don’t even like that day, same old story every year!

I think festivals or Christmas need to be skipped or forgotten for few years, then celebrate it when everyone all enjoys it! My theory only!

We had a fabulous Mid-autumn day, because I forgot to celebrate it almost 8 years, it made me want to do something special. Thus I made a beef mushroom with carrots crispy dumplines with ice moon-cakes! Perfet weekend!

I wish all have a fabulous mid-autumn day (moon-cake day)!

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