Little Dorrit BBC


I don’t know why I find myself really obsessing about the England in Victorian period. As I previously talked about the fashion of Favourite Work Of Art, and I guess there were many great literatures and stunning events to talk about in Vitoria time. It was a distinguished period of England’s history. Now I have to mention about the great Victoria English novolist – Charles Dickens’ one of his best stories – Little Dorrit.

I do love the BBC! The BBC has a reputation for classic dramas. As the opposite of Jane Austin, who wrote mostly middle class stories, Dickens preferred to portray the poor common people’s lifes in 19th century. BBC has presented Oliver Twist, Bleak House and Little Dorrit this year. The characters were so vivid and I am so connected with.

Little Dorrit is about Amy Dorrit who was a spirit young woman lived in the Marshalsea Prison. Life for her was hard and little Dorrit tried to pay off her family’s debts to get out of the prison. (Background: in the Victoria period, if people were in debt, The government put people into a special prison, and people had to find work and payoff their debt.)

Amy had also to look after her father William, and he became rich afterwards by inheriting some fortunes, so far, and in the end will be a twist! (I haven’t finish it yet). The story was like a puzzle and every character had their own purpose but somehow was linking with others. It was mysterious, tangle, complex and touching story. It was very Charles Dickens’s style. I enjoy every episode and hope to read the novel too.

Little Dorrit definitely worths to read or watch! Besides, I guess I will go to visit Charles Dickens Museum this weekend.

不知何时不知不觉的喜欢上英国维多利亚时代的东西,从之前写过维多利亚时尚到文学作品。也许维多利亚时期出现了很多杰出的文学家,及文学作品和其他史记,在英国历史是一个不同平凡的时代。说到文学作品,不能不提狄更斯先生 的其中一部文学作品 -《小杜丽

太爱BBC的经典文化小说改编电视剧,之前曾看过狄更斯的名著 – 雾都孤儿荒凉山庄, 今年BBC将《小杜丽》也搬上荧幕。故事发生在19世纪,一个年轻聪慧的小杜丽全家人生活在监狱(在英国19世纪,假如你欠债,政府有个特别的监狱,进入自如,但你必须工作还清你的债)小杜丽要一边工作一边还清家人的债,最后家人又遗留很多家产,从下级社会突然转变到上流社会。通过描写小杜丽一家人以及其他社会等级的人物的刻画,展现了19世纪中叶英国从上层阶级到下层阶级整个现实画卷。故事刻画十分神秘,含有复杂悬念,情节感人,是一部值得看的电视剧或值得一读的小说。

我还没有看到故事的结尾,但我已经忍不住周末要去参观狄更斯的博物馆。这就是我喜欢伦敦深厚的历史文化底蕴 – 到处都是历史博物馆。约翰告诉我,他走过一条街起名为“小杜丽“和他们之前住过的监狱呢,就在靠近在近伦敦桥。阿 – 真有英国味道!