Aagrah Indian Restaurant

It’s bizarre that you can easily find a really authentic Indian restaurant in North, especially Bradford and Leeds. I found Bradford sometimes like London’s Brick Lane.

Mel and I did go to Aagrah underneath BBC in Leeds once. The restaurant has an impressive luxury decor, however food is a reasonable price. Food was full of spice and flavours with a generous portion. Overall it’s pretty good.

On last Saturday night, we forgot to book a tablet and couldn’t find a restaurant anyway in Leeds City Centre except waiting for an hour. Then we drove passed Aagrah In Bradford, then we decided to try it again.

The restaurant in Bradford was not as luxury decor as the BBC one, but it has 3 floors, and surprisingly the first floor was almost full. It’s the most gigantic indian restaurant I had seen so far. We ordered a lot, but because it’s quite late,(about 10pm) and with their generous portion, all of us couldn’t manage to finish them all. Over all, it’s 3.8 of 5.