Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch is a youthful brand of casual apparel from California. With extremely popular in the hight street, London in Mayfair and one from Milan are the only shops in Europe. Thousands of tourists and local people shop there everyday.

The location is the beginning / ending of Savile Row, depends which direction you are. It was quite hidden and opposition of the museum. The store is famous that they only recruit young, fit, pretty faces to be their staff. When you walk in, it feels like a night club rather than a normal shop. It smells perfume in the air and even in the clothes, and it appears dark with loud disco music.

The funny thing is every time I shop there, I don’t know whether I should look at the staff who look like models with so pretty faces, or the clothes. The staff is chatting, dancing, but also helping people out. However, it was certainly a unusual shopping experience. The price is quite expensive compared with normal retail shops, but you are buying the brand and the images and of course, they never on sales

So what is their image? Some people might say that Abercrombie & Fitch’s image is young, blonde, rich-middle-class but rather superficial. Although superficial, I do like their beech casual look and so colourful. More importantly, it has XS sizes for me. It is hard to find XS (extra small sizes in the UK for normal shops). Surprisingly that there are so many middle-ages people shopping there as well. Whether they buy for themselves or buy for someone, I guess that everyone like Abercrombie’s image – young and fit.

I like the colourful T-shirt, pants and bikini. Last weekend I bought a leather flip flop for this summer. It was quite pricy, but it was fun to shop there. For such a unique shop and experience, it is worth to maintain in my blog, and definitely will bring my friends there.

小鹿是一个年轻阳光沙滩的休闲品牌,落于美国加州。因为超级受年轻朋友们的欢迎,整个欧洲只有伦敦和米兰两家。每天都有上千的旅客因为它的名气去那里购物。地理位置在高级购物街Mayfair – 全伦敦最贵的地皮。店面十分隐密,正对着一个博物馆的对面。店名专么没有打出来,不知道的人走过还以为里面是个酒吧或夜总会。