Breaking Tradition


More people are getting married during ages between 22 to 25 in Shantou. Like my Mum usual told a girl that when she is under 25, she can choose what man she wants to marry, because men are prefer young girls generally. However, it is a tradition that women reply on men and being passive. It is like hundreds years ago in the West, and it still exists that women grow up as a passive images to be chosen by men. As silly as my Mum, they don’t see women as intelligent as men, as long as women can find a good husband.

Nowadays, female have equal education and occupation choices and they don’t have to reply on searching men to get married because they are ‘young’. On the opposite, there are many failure marriages because of marrying too young or married the wrong one. When they are young, they have not experience enough and made a rush choice to be with someone. People should know whether they have ability to create a new family. It does exist that people are too young to marry a wrong one. Of course I also see many people had their happy marriages. I do think women are smart and capable to choose what they want, and whether they want to marry or not, regardless the age issues or social pressure either judgement.

Different people have different ideas about the issue. despite age or gender issues, this is about breaking tradition. It’s different valuation to choose. if something you choose for sure, keep walking on to search your happiness without complaining because it is your choice.

The reason inspired me to write this article is the movie Mona Lisa Smile which showed women were try to break through the tradition. The main character was a teacher, and her personality was influenced her female students. Instead of getting married after graduation, the female students can do whatever they want to achieve in their life, not just focus on marriage. Ideally we hope women can be a good wife and be successful in their career as well.