Road Trip – Brighton / Beachy Head


Second Day

The weather was foggy when we arrived Brighton, however, I can imagine it would full of people when it comes to Summer. Brighton is a lively and young city. At first, we went to the Theme park in Brighton Pier and had some fun. Then we visited the famous Royal Pavilion, then we drove to the Beachy Head.

Beachy Head, from the name you can tell is the pointy cliff of Sussex, as famous as the white cliffs. We stopped there for half and hour and it was really relaxing. You could see a open-space land and the ocean, sheep, cows and farms. Then we drove back and ate in a famous Dimsum restaurant called Drunken Monkey in Liverpool Street. I heard there are many celebrities and cool trendy young people hanging out there, so it must be great to eat and hang out. Food was not bad; price was totally acceptable, but service could be improved. Then we drove back home and had a great fun holiday.

Third day – Lee Valley

Last station was Lee Valley – 40 minutes drive outside London, then we had a picnic in the park, and rent 4 bikes and rode for 4 hours, seeing the canal, forest, swans and enjoyed the sun and Spring in England. It was the most amazing place to have a weekend break for cycling. Bike rental is 2 pounds per hour. Super good deal. Here are some more pictures.

第二天 -布朗顿 / 海滩头

我们开车1个半小时后,到达布朗顿,可惜天气还是有点雾气,海滩上不是很多人,布朗顿是出了名的漂亮和有海滩度假胜地。但可以想象中夏天应该超级多人到这里来晒太阳。给我的感觉它是一个年轻有活力的城市。我们走到海边的‘游乐场’玩了‘鬼屋’ 上下飞船,吓死我了,象海盗船一样,太久没有玩了,功力下降了许多!然后去出名的有印度色彩的-皇宫宫殿,听说以前一个国王旅游到印度,喜欢印度的宫殿建筑就照样子也建了一个,然后我们吃了个简单的炒面就开车去海滩头了。

海滩头,象它的名字一样,是布朗顿最凸出的陡峭的峭壁,也是以白色峭壁出名,我们走了半个小时,海滩头给人很开阔和休闲的感觉,很自然,看着羊啊牛的,吃着草,广阔的草地,看着海,晒着太阳,感觉朴素中带浪漫,十分享受。大家也累了,开车到伦敦商业街利物浦街吃饭,选了一个听说蛮多名人去蒲的餐厅叫 - 醉猴,吃点心和喝酒的地方。我们点了很多点心和些鸡尾酒。食物还可以,价格也蛮能接受的,但服务要改进下。这样就结束了我们第二天旅游。

第三天 - Lee Valley