Gok Wan Makeover Live

Karolina asked me to join her to see Gok Wan‘s new TV shooting in Corn Exchange Leeds, and will release on TV in January. I am not Gok Wan’s fan, but it’s fun to experience the shooting and have some fun time with Karolina.

It said it will be started on 4:30pm, but when we were there, and waited an hour and a half to actually start the show. After starting 10 minutes, we already fed up with waiting and rehearsals all the time. When you think of it, all the TV shows take so much time and effort to produce it, then show you the best of it on TV within half an hour.

I both agreed that we are too old for standing hours and hours to watch celebrities shooting, or basically we don’t really care I guess. However, it was fun experience and I did enjoy it because it’s something we normal didn’t do and see Gok Wan in real life once.