Goodbye to short sightedness


I’ve worn contact lenses for more than 10 years and my eyes were rated at minus 7. Recently I decided to have eye surgery to correct my eyesight and after a few minutes inside a LASIK machine I’m now told that my eyes are 1.2 or 1.3! I can see things perfectly without any blurring. How amazing it is! I had my surgery at Guangzhou No. 1 hospital and I know they use a German machine. The operation was very small and almost painless, although it sounds unpleasant to describe (which I won’t do!). If you do suffer from bad eyesight then I really recommend you to try it out. The cost for me was RMB 7500 and has definitely been worth it.

听了很多朋友说近视激光技术发展的很快了,近视治疗已经是小手术一宗。了解一个月之后,我和涵终于觉得花这笔钱。我们选择了广州市一去治疗,选择了最贵的LASIK 准分子切割手术¥7500,因我们是高度近视,短短的1分钟,我们的眼睛就重建光明了。手术之中一点都不疼,有点害怕,过后有点则热感,闭着双眼隔一天,第二天复查就好了。以后还要好好保护好眼睛,不过没有近视的人不知道,高度近视的辛苦,不戴眼镜或隐形能看到东西一清二楚,实在幸福无比。