Gucci 2009 Spring Collections


Frida Giannini is the designer for Gucci and her designs are sexy, feminine, simple and yet also sophisticated. She is definitely a master of colour and not afraid of using bright colours. Gucci’s 2009 Spring collections is called “Gucci Exotica,” They are mixing elements of streetwear with the beach. Giannini has the same design element as Tom Ford (an ex-Gucci designer).

The collections are so perfect and chic for daily wear to work as well as the evening dress, with simple big-wave-hair, slightly smoking-eyes, a golden neckless and a pair of high heels! Every element is spotless! It’s so my style!

You can see the picture and video from my favourite fashion web

Gucci 2009年的春夏装系列

意大利设计师Giannini已经推出Guicci最新2009春夏装系列。她的每件作品都十分性感,女人味,简单但富有成熟的味道。她绝对是颜色搭配的好手!一点都不怕大红大蓝的颜色。Giannini把2009的春夏装叫做 “Gucci 的异国情调” 绝对十分适合,有街头的味道,加上海滩的休闲, 她和Tom Ford (前Gucci设计师)都把Gucci的代表元素“性感“设计的完美无瑕 – 女人穿上他们的设计都是无比的自信,性感,和富有魅力!

这个系列的衣服我实在太喜欢了 – 从休闲,上班到晚装都是完美的设计。配搭简单的大波长发,一点点熏荤眼,一条百搭简单的金色长项链,加上一双高跟鞋,简直是超级性感和有味道!爱美的我不得不介绍给你们看。大家可以在这里看到这系列的照片录影