The Dark Knight at London IMAX


We reserved tickets to see The Dark Knight at the London IMAX Cinema over two months – the seats there really are that popular, and the main reason is that it is the largest cinema in the UK.

We’ve been wanting to see the movie for a long time since we saw it being filmed in Hong Kong at the same time we happened to be there in 2007.

The movie is directed by Christopher Nolan. Normally I dodn’t care about directors but I have to say that Christopher Nolan is one of the best directors I’ve seen. He produced The Prestige (2006) and The Dark Knight (2008). It seems he likes Christian Bale in his films. There is no doubt about Christian Bale’s professional acting. I love all his movies, such as American Psycho (2000) .

People said The Dark Knight might break Titanic’s record in the movie history. I hope so as well. It is a big budget movie with the latest technology, good story and good actors, and looked absolutley fantastic on an IMAX screen. In fact, the movie was specially shot so that certain scenes were recorded on an IMAX camera, which really gives you a great feeling of being directly in front of the action.

The bad character in the movie is called The Joker and was played by Heath Ledger, who recently died of an accidental drug overdose. His most famous movie is Brokeback Mountain (2005).

I really enjoyed thismovie and was glad that we waited so long to see it at an IMAX cinema.

我们在一个月前终于定到了(蝙蝠侠之黑暗骑士)的电影票,在伦敦imax 电影院放映。因它是英国最大电影屏幕的3D电影院,所以超级受欢迎,每天都暴场。在里面看蝙蝠侠,就象你会跟着镜头走,跟着蝙蝠侠飞,超级逼真,超级动感,再说,能用3D看蝙蝠侠更是最大的享受。


这电影的导演Christopher曾拍摄几部我超级喜欢的电影,包裹(致命魔术,当然还有这部蝙蝠侠拉, 都是蝙蝠侠主角Christian Bale 主演的,那是因为Chris导演知道他能胜任这些难度超高的角色。看过Christian的演技,大家公认他是十分出色的演员,我也喜欢他演的(美国狂魔),总之有他的电影都值得一看。

听说因为蝙蝠侠的超人气,票房可能打破Titanic的最高票房历史纪录,希望吧。看得出电影的经费特高,排场超大, 好主题,好电影,值得去电影院看。听说里面的小丑坏人主角是(断背山)他在08年1月因意外自杀了。真可惜,不然他会是好莱巫以后很抢手的演员。