Imogen Heap

Yesterday I finished watching the last episode of HBO’s Six Feet Under – Everyone’s Waiting. The soundtrack was amazing and I am now trying to find the song ‘Lonely Little Petunia’, by Imogen Heap’s. While looking I discovered she had a MySpace website with some of her music, and lots of information.

Imogen’s first album, I Megaphone, was released in 1998. It took her another seven years to follow up with 2005’s ‘Speak For Yourself‘. The British vocalist was far from idle during the interim, having formed Frou Frou with Guy Sigsworth. I then realised that the song ‘Let Go’ (theme to the movie Garden State) is also by her. Amazing! This album, like Frou Frou’s electronica / pop hybrid, also carries a more sweeping and dynamic singer/songwriter aesthetic and presents Heap’s bold-yet-breathy vocals lounging on a bed of electronic effects. Some songs have been used in the popular series The O.C

Heap is an amazing talented composer, singer, and producer as well. Her music is a beautiful work of art; the songs become more and more addictive the more you play them. Her music makes me think. If I travel on a journey it’s the best CD that to pick. She has a dreamy, light, soft voice, before she blasts you with drums and guitars that slowly turn up the volume. It opens your imagination; it opens your inspiration; it brings your memories – sadness, joyful, bitter of life.

Thanks to Imogen Heap for giving us all these remarkable albums and her contributions to music. “Music can be like perfume,” suggests a Frou Frou. “It’s almost a scent, you know, where the right smell changes an environment and makes life more bearable.” So right.

昨天刚看完(六尺之下)的专集看到Imogen Heap’s 的歌曲,上网找了她的歌曲,最终在她的空间听到她的4首歌,首首都很精彩,Imogen 原来是英国乐队Frou Frou其中的主唱,1998年出了个人专集 I Megaphone,事隔7年2005年出了专集‘Speak For Yourself‘’,这张专集真是精品,有点流行电子风格,带有轻快摇摆,柔美,Launch的风格,它那天使般的声音和独特的风格,美国电视剧常拿她来做插曲象明珠台的The O.C…

她的音乐才华是种艺术,自己作词作曲包监制。 听她的这张CD让我沉思,让我沉迷,去哪里旅游我一定带上它。她的音乐让你感到自由,让你飞翔,打开你想象之窗,给你生活的灵感,让你体验到生活带给你的喜和悲。感谢她对音乐的创作,就像Frou Frow其中一员说:音乐如香水 – 一种气味, 适当的气味可以改变环境,且让生活显得更可忍受一些。(或音乐几乎就是一种香水,散发着迷人香味,改变您的环境,让您的生活更加美好)