A Day Trip to Kent


Regardless how stressful of school works, I am glad that Melanie came to visit us in London on Friday, so we decided to drive to visit Maidstone in Kent City, which known as the Garden of England. There are some areas dating back to beyond the Stone Age.

Maidstone is 32 miles away in south-east of London. It is a pretty historical town with many 14th century churches and museums. We walked around the town centre and drove to see the Leeds Castle.

Leeds Castle

First, we went to Lehman village for some lunches, and then drove another 3-5 miles, we arrived Leeds castle. £15 for entrance fee. It is famous for next to a lake, and it is huge, peaceful, as well as astonishing beauty of the castle and the garden. It might take you at least 2-3 hours wondering around.

The castle was a royal palace for many generations of Kings and Queens. Unusually, there are several black swans and peacocks walking around, and apparently they like tourists’ attention. We might return there on summer holiday. Here are some pictures.