My newborn niece

My sister told me that her baby was one week late. Since I said goodbye to Guangzhou and came back to Shantou to see my family before I fly to London. I am so surprised that the baby is so eager to say hello to me and the baby was born on 30th July at 3: 35 pm – exactly the day I arrived in Shantou. It’s a baby girl and weighs 5.8kg, with big eyes and looks like exactly like my brother-in-law. I am now officially an aunty.

My family is overwhelming excited; even thought sister was a little bit disappointed it was not a boy, because she was expecting a boy. My brother-in-law and I are happy to have a baby girl anyway! I will be flying this Friday and next time when I see the baby girl, she can speak, and will be more cute. Baby’s English name is called Natalie.