My late 28 birthday present!

John was back from San Francisco yesterday, and bought me a new Mac Pro as my late 28th birthday present. The new Mac Pro 13 inch is fantastic. Compared with my white Mac book, it got powerful screen resolution, better hard drive and all the new feature from the Mac Pro. I really love using it. It certainly feels stronger and professional.

Luckily we got the Ipad for free as John’s boss gave him for his programming. It was completely out of stocks in San Francisco when he tried to find one. It’s really an amazing computer. I can imagine using it when I am reading book, playing games, sharing pictures with others, sit lazily on the sofa just browsing the website. UK will be released the Ipad at the end of this month and sell £429 for 16G (wi-fi), and £699 64GB version complete with Wi-Fi and 3G access. It is quite expensive buying in the UK, as the price you can buy a brand new laptop.

Something about Apple which people are obsessed about is its stylish design, professional programmes, nice and simple to use, and it always leads the frontier technological invention.