Principles of Life(生活的原则)

What are your principles? You may not have thought about it so directly. Principles are what you think is right and wrong. They are the rules that guide you. They are what tells you if it’s right to steal, even though no one will ever know. Whether it’s right to cheat, even though no one will ever find out. Whether it’s right to hurt someone just because you can.

Principles are not only for yourself, they are for your family, for your society, and for your country. I’ve read in the news that China’s economy is becoming stronger and that our life is getting better and better, but when people in other countries still think that our products and our reputation is cheap; that we copy everything, make fake products, pirate DVD, then I wonder how much credibility we really have.

I am positive that our country and some people have made tremendous contributions to China. Take Haier and Shanghai Tang as examples. They’ve both become international Chinese brands. China needs more enterprises like these, more to increase not only our economy, but also our standing in the world.

Sometimes I feel bad about the way we are perceived. A lot of the time the problem is one of principles. People like the easy way to make more money; to make their life more enjoyable; to not work so hard like others. Some people think it’s the smart way, and they believe it’s the most efficient way. They lose their principles or faith when they face the temptation.

Principles also affect our everyday life. Do you work hard because you want to succeed, or do you secretly hope that someone will come and rescue you so you don’t need to do anything? What make your life not empty, so that you are not like someone who has lost their faith and just joins the big crowd? Principles can make you not just like toys or animals. They can make you feel like you have a brain and wisdom to think what is right and what is wrong.

To be in this new generation brings with it new responsibilities. We have better education, a more international culture; we have our own thoughts and our own dream to pursue. We can do better than our parents. However, should we focus only on material gains? Is a new car, house, or TV the road to happiness? Our principles may cause us to ask ‘what can I do for my country?’ As well as taking from the country we need to give back to it. We need to ensure that while we grow economically strong it is not at the expense of reputation. Life is not just about taking; it’s also about giving.

I will try and make sure I stick to my principles.



有没有生活的原则,这小到个人道德的问题,再到你家庭教育的问题,大到影响到中国社会的原则。虽近年来,中国的经济实力增长无可否认,人民生活水平也有所提高,但说到中国的名声及产品,给外国人的第一印象还是产品不精致,便宜,仿冒,造假,盗版光碟及信用度不高等;像最出名的(Google-谷歌)中国的版本(Baidu-百度) ICQ变到中国几亿人口都在用的腾讯QQ;站在我们的角度,不是说提倡中国版本不好,外国版本中国化,改装到更适合中国人喜欢的版本,更贴中国人的心;但对外国人来说,不仅是侵犯到他们的版权及名誉问题,还盗用他们的研发劳动成果。

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Breakfast at Tiffany— Think of it

Tonight I saw “Breakfast at Tiffany” again. I have watched it for third time now. It is based on Truman Capote’s 1958 novella of the same title, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S (1961), is the story of a woman on her own making her way in the big city. The novel has a completely different ending compared with the movie. The movie version has of course got a happy ending. It’s such a classical movie and most people have watched it and love it.

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S is quirky, funny, bewildering, serious, sophisticated and bittersweet — and as movies go, great entertainment.

I love all the dresses in the 60s.

Audrey Hepburn always got her typical hair style and dress. There is a fatty ginger cat who doesn’t have proper name, and is just called “cat”. It is so cute and really fat. I also love the theme song “Moon River”, when Audrey is singing it with a little guitar. It’s very romantic and peaceful. Nowaday, we can hear Jazz version “Moon River” all the time. It reminds me of this movie every single time I hear it.

The last conversations in the movie make me think all the time:

Are people really afraid to get married or settle down in one place, because they don’t want to be tied up. Of course not everyone does, but some of us do.

Are we called a free spirit or wild thing because we are terrified somebody’s going to stick us in a cage? Maybe we are in a cage we build ourselves. No matter where we go, we just end up running into ourselves.

Like Paul in the movie said and answered it —life is a fact, and people do fall in love. People do belong to each other; because that’s the only chance any body’s got for happiness.

Yes, I think so. We will find our soul mate and the right person in my life. What do you think?

Well. It’s quite right about it.

Tiffany 的早餐—令我陷入沉思?

今晚我再看了(Tiffany 的早餐)这部经典的电影,由奥大莉 * 赫本主演,故事讲—-在这部高雅而又风格独特的社会讽刺和苦乐参半的爱情故事中,奥黛丽-赫本成功的扮演了一个追逐百万富翁,亿万富翁的迷惘的姑娘,霍莉-戈莱特丽经历着人生的颠簸流离,努力寻找自己的位置,渴求属于自己的“理想的归宿”,然而现实是残酷的。在物欲横流的社会中,她绮丽的梦想一个接着一个的破灭消遁了。她的人性是矛盾的,既纯洁善良,但又时常近乎轻佻虚荣,她诚笃情痴,但又多愁善变,她既祈望未来,却又回顾止步。




象Paul 在故事中说的好,也回答了这个问题,生活是现实的,总有真爱的出现,彼此可以属于彼此,因这是唯一的东西让他们感到幸福. 我也觉得总会找到你的soul mate (真心人).