Road Trip – Canterbury, Dover, Deal and Sandwich


Day one

As we planned to travel some cities in the UK with friends during Easter Holidays, so we chose Canterbury, Dover, Deal, Sandwich in the first day. These four places are all located in South East England. First day, John drove us to Canterbury as our first stop to see the famous Canterbury Cathedral. Then had some pizza in Strada for a quick lunch. However, we had planned to have a boat trip in Canterbury, but we ran out time. Canterbury was a small pretty town, peaceful, and people were friendly. I like Canterbury a lot.

The next stop was Dover – the famous White cliffs. It was peaceful and open, facing the ocean. It supposes that you can see France through Dover, (the funny thing was Ricky received a message from O2 saying – welcome to France, even we were standing in Dover! That’s why you can see they were very close to each other) Unfortunately the weather was a little bit foggy, so we were unable to see France. I like Dover beach and able to see English Channel.

The last stop was Deal and Sandwich town. They were a small little town, so we just took some pictures and because everyone was tired, so we drove back to rest and ready for the next day. Here some day one pictures.

第一天路游 - 坎特伯雷 / 多弗和三文治郡


多弗最著名就是它的白粉质的峭壁, 好天的时候,你可以站在英国的多弗看到法国。我们到了多弗,面对的广阔的海边,看着英吉利海峡, 感觉很开阔和舒服!可惜优点雾,看不到法国,但好笑的是朋友居然收到电信发来的信息说:欢迎您到法国。多弗很漂亮,好天气的时候,可以周末三五知己对着海,晒着太阳,在海边野餐,蛮休闲惬意的!