Sebastian Schunke in GZ on October

I missed Sebastian Schunke’s Jazz concert last year, which made me feel sorry for myself. However, their manager recently mailed their fans to announce that Sebastian Schunke and his band will be playing again in Guangzhou, as well as,Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Malaysia, in October 2006. This thrilled me. Here is their MySpace website with some of the band’s music, and lots of information.

Due to their successful performances in 2005, this years tour brings together internationally renowned Jazz musicians living in Berlin and New York. They unify the intense energy from their different home cultures to create a complete new song concept in a jazz environment. This is hip experimental world jazz, with musicians from Europe, USA and Cuba – totally new and unpredictable. In the centre is the new vocal star from Cuba – Olvido Ruiz – is member of the new Cubanian generation. This year they present the new songs for the new cd “Seba meets Olvido” exclusively for China and Malaysia.

To all fans who like this new style Jazz music, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

9.10. Guangzhou, BackStreet, Jazz Club, 21.45 -23.45
10.10. Guangzhou, Back Street Jazz Club, 21.45- 23.35
11. 10. Xinghai Konversatorium, 19.00

塞柏斯顿•舒特,出生于1973年的德国塞柏斯顿•舒特从小就学习古典钢琴, 12岁便开始接触拉丁爵士音乐,音乐受到Eddie Palmieris,Chick Corea, Gonzalo Rubalcaba等音乐家的影响;包括他吸收了拉丁美洲的旋律,特别添加到他的爵士音乐中。舒特去了纽约,被多种文化的融合迷住了,并开始从事创作自己的音乐,把现代美国的拉丁爵士与欧洲的传统音乐结合一起。他不仅熟悉运用了拉丁音乐的旋律,创造出自己的爵士曲风。

2005年曾来中国香港/广州/上海/深圳演出;因自己错过德他们首次在广州的表演爵士乐队的表演而感到遗憾,昨天收到他的经理人对广大爵士歌迷的宣布:10月份Sebastian Schunke终于再次到中国,广州,深圳,上海和马来西亚表演。这次到10月9号在广州大使馆表演,11号在广州的后街爵士餐厅表演,我一定不会错过的。如果你想知道他们在其他城市或国家表演的时间表,给我留言,我会在这里告诉你。