Korean Food hosted by Eileen


One of my best friends in London Eileen (Jiyong) from Seoul has invited us to her place in Wimbledon, and made some Korean food for us and we also explored around Wimbledon area. It was a fun day to eat good food with friends and knew more about Korean culture. Eileen is a very independent and cool girl and I appreciate her personality a lot.

After we stuff with too much food, we had a walk to the Wimbledon Park for almost 2 hours. The park was well-maintained and  many young families were enjoying their afternoon with their babies.  There are many independent fashion shops, food stores, cafes and restaurants. Overall, Wimbledon is a nice place to live and it is only in Zone 3.

Over a year in London, I am very glad that I found some of the close friends to share experiences. Life is not easy to go through without friends. Thanks all the friends in my life to keep my alive and accompanied.

韩国好朋友 Eileen (Jiyong)邀请我们去她家吃韩国菜,她住在温布顿,离市中心1个小时。她从早上9点就起来准备,弄了很多好吃的给我们,还给我些打包呢,真贴心!昨天过得真的开心,大家一起动手帮忙,然后吃吃喝喝聊天,是最开心的事!Eileen是个十分独立有个性的女孩,我很欣赏她的性格。


在伦敦快1年了,快乐的时间过太快了,但很开心认识蛮多好朋友的。大家来自世界各地,从认识到成为好朋友,难得大家性格的都相近而又成熟,可以一起能分享生活的点滴,真蛮难得。 生活假如没有好朋友陪同,真难过!谢谢朋友们和我一起走过的日子。