Keane’s Concert in Shepherd Bush


John bought Keane‘s tickets for my birthday gift in March, and finally this is the night. We went there at 6 pm, and there were already many people queueing, and luckily we got the great seats to see them very clear. Surprisingly, there were many middle-age fans to see Keane as well.

The show was to celebrate 50th birthday of the Island Record Company. The island members took all the fans pictures and said it will post it their website, can’t wait to see myself in there. The show was started at 7 pm, and the warming brand was Ladyhawke, she sang about 8 songs, and she performed well, however, the microphone could be louder because audiences could not hear her voice clearly.

When Keane came out, the whole stadium was crazy with a lot of applause. Keane sang about many songs from first album Hopes and Fears including ‘everybody is changing’, ‘ We might as well be stranger’ , and ‘somewhere we only know’; then ‘crystal ball and ‘nothing in my way’; then many songs from third album as well including ‘again and again’,’perfect symmetry’ and ‘spiralling’…

Tom’s voice was absolute amazing and with his professional performance. He talked to audiences, even shook hands with audiences, and asked audiences to sing with him as loud as they could, (to be honest, every audiences could easy burst out everyone song from Keane). The background lights, the band performance and the atmosphere was stunning. It felt likes that Keane music was melting with audiences voices, and everyone was so indulging into their music and lost themselves.

Their music was so perfect and ‘ I lost my heart, I buried it too deep into the under the iron sea’. It was a remarkable concert and I wish they will continuously create great music.

I recorded one song on the spot only for one of Keane’s best fans from GZ – Syrinx Ye.


这个演唱会是为了庆祝 island 唱片公司50岁的生日而搞的,工作人员给歌迷各个都照了相做纪念,我也照了张,不知道去哪里看呢?7点就正式开场,第一嘉宾是ladyhawke,约翰蛮喜欢的新西兰女歌手,她长了8首主打歌,歌曲还不错,可惜麦克风不够大声,听不是很清楚她的声音。

当Keane出场时候,掌声雷雷,歌迷超级疯狂的叫喊。Keane唱了很多第一张成名著 Hope and Fear,每一首歌迷都跟着一起唱,然后唱了2首第2张专集under iron sea,唱得最多的是第3张专集,场面十分感人,歌迷的声音做为背景,和 Keane的声音融合在一起。

主唱的Tom的声音真的很棒,歌喉和歌底很好,加上他十分卖力和专业表演,和让大家感受到他对音乐的那种激情,从他的歌词和歌曲中流露出来。看得出他对歌迷很好,在场常和歌迷交流,惊奇的是,居然还跳下场和歌迷握手。现场的表演,灯光,气氛真的太完美了。当然我也和其他歌迷一样一起和Keane 合唱,虽然不算是他们的疯狂歌迷,但十分喜欢他们的所有的专集。

当场的气氛就象忘掉自我,沉溺在Keane的音乐中,就象歌词中 ’ 我的心遗失了,把它深深的埋在铁海中,埋在音乐的铁海中’…这场演唱会是我见过Muse之后最棒的一场show。希望他们继续创造好音乐给大家。

我录下下了一段片断献给最爱 Keane 的广州歌迷 - 叶嘉雯!