Friends Celebrate Christmas


It was our last day in the first semester of the school and friends decided to celebrate in Spitafield Market in Liverpool Street last night. We went to the Latin Brazil Restaurant. The food was really good. We ordered some cocktails and had some laugh. We are glad that school was off and most friends are going to back their countries soon; so the dinner was also the celebration of the Christmas and New Year!

Christmas is coming – people are all busy preparing gifts and decorating their houses, and it feels like Chinese New Year! We will spend our Christmas with John’s family for a week, then we will back to London for new year 09. This year has been passing so quickly. Anyway, I am looking forward to experiencing my first Christmas in the UK. Here are some pictures with my friends

昨天同学说为了庆祝第一学期最后一天和提早庆祝圣诞,因为大多数的朋友都飞回家过圣诞!我们去了利物浦街吃饭,我很喜欢利物浦街的餐厅,就象香港的中环一样,时尚和充满活力。我们终于选了一个拉丁风情的餐厅,点了些鸡尾酒,小吃和正餐。我点了羊腿排,约翰点了拉丁鸡肉卷等。圣诞快到了,这段时间,大家都在忙于买礼物,装饰自己家,圣诞气氛很浓厚,就象我们的过年一样忙碌!我们会和约翰的家人一起过圣诞节,然后回伦敦过新年。还记得我姐和姐夫Marco 前年12月9号来广州,然后圣诞节在北京度过,现在又一年了。我们就放3个星期假,讨厌放假还要写论文。今年过得真快,一眨眼就过去了,很期待我的第一个英国的圣诞节。这是我和朋友一起吃饭的一些照片