Come Rains or Come Shine

The weather in the UK this summer has not been fantastic and it’s been reported that this year has been the coldest summer on record. It seems that the weather around the world is pretty bad too – New Orleans’ has another hurricane, there are floods in some areas of the UK, and Guangzhou has been continually raining.

UK weather is very variable and can be raining one minute and then sunshine the next. The temperature is currently about 15-26 degrees, which is not bad actually; I perfect it cool. Talking about the weather, there is a silly question but fun to mention is that many of my friends always refer to London as a foggy town (like A foggy Day in London Town). We are even taught this in University!

Actually, it was only during the coal mining time from 18th century to 1950 when the UK suffered these problems. Coal made the UK famous, but it also produced serious air pollution. Due to these environmental issues the UK government has changed the image of the Britain, and now London is the 7th greenest city in the world (according to this article in 2007), and this news claimed that (London to be the ‘greenest city’) in 2005.

Well, London definitely had changed and there are so many beautiful royal parks, as well as other general parks. As well as this a lot of people have gardens, so you can imagine how green it is in London. After my friends read this article, hopefully they will change their image of London – it is not a foggy town anymore; it’s a busy but green city in the UK. I often hear people complaint about weather in the UK, I think there is not fair because its location in the world and coastal seasons, but if you choose to live here, my attitude is be part of it and enjoy it; nothing is perfect. When there is a beautiful day, you will treasure it more.


虽然伦敦天气蛮清凉的,气温在15到26度之间,还不错,我喜欢凉爽的感觉。说到天气,很多我的朋友(甚至我曾以为)伦敦是个雾城,爵士歌曲也唱到 ” 一个雾天的伦敦城”,甚至我们大学的教科书里的故事也提到伦敦是个雾城,但实际是因为我们课本教的是经典的故事,故事发生在18-19世纪人们的生活,或是有些已过时了。爵士歌曲是黑白年代了,可想而之有多久了。原因是 Continue reading