Vapiano Italian Restaurant in London

Vapiano is franchise Italian restaurant in Europe and the State. My friend Kevin took me there when we were working together. From their website page, it is described the restaurant is ‘Somewhere between the nicest of fast casual and hippest of casual dining restaurants is Vapiano’.

The interior design is clean modern, open-space, casual with high standard quality food, especially there is fresh basil plant in every single table. Pasta is home-made, and it cooks in front of you, so it makes sure all fresh. It comes with a big portion as well, and you can choose your pasta types. My favourite pasta is Scampi E Spinaci, which is king prawn with pesto and baby spinach and Salsiccia Con Fichi , which is spicy Italian sausage with fresh figs. (both £8.50,  I just made it sound so fancy, did I? ) They are the best. Pizza is making in front of you including the dough, crispy edge with interesting filling.

Price is incredible cheap and so reasonable. Pasta and pizza starts from £6. Dessert from £3 – £5. All the staff and chef speak Italian. It is a friendly and self-service restaurant, so suitable for a quick lunch and dinner place, but also somewhere you can enjoy hang out with your friends.

We have been there many times and it is always my favourite quick Italian health restaurant. You can see more restaurant picture and memu here. 4.5 stars out of 5 for sure and highly recommended. We always went to the one behind Topshop in Oxford Street, you can not miss it.

Vapiano是一个在欧洲和美国十分流行的意大利连锁餐厅,在牛津街Topshop后面是我们经常去的地方。朋友介绍我去,之后我就几乎是他们的常客。店里装修十分时尚及现代,干净又整洁。每台桌面上都有一盆新鲜的Basil香叶,随时需要随时栽放在你的意大利面里。所有的意大利面都是厨师每天新鲜制作,所以十分新鲜美味。有8-10种意大利面条给你选择,我最喜欢的2道是 ‘菠菜大虾意大利面’ 或是 ’新鲜无花果加意大利辣香肠‘ 超级是我的最爱,价格十分诱人,才8镑多,大大分量加新鲜原料。pizza也是新鲜到连馅底的面粉都是现场撮然后加下原料的。

价格实在便宜,这么新鲜好的餐厅意大利面从6镑起,甜点也是3-5镑。所有的东西都是现场炒和煮给你看,你可以学到东西又可以吃到好吃的意大利菜,当然所有的厨师也是意大利人,都说意大利话。不仅是自助式服务,健康,简单快捷的意大利餐厅。假如你赶时间又想吃个健康的意大利菜,Vapiano绝对是我首选。你可以从这里看到 菜单更多图片。绝对推荐4.5星!