Chet Baker – always steal my heart

May 13 1988 the great musician Chet Baker had passed away. He is always one of my favourite Jazz musicians with his legendary trumpet and sentimental voice.After watching his documentary in BBC iplayer – Let’s get lost, and knew much more about Chet. He was such a talent for music and trumpet. Jazz was the most popular music in his era, and he was naturally picked it up without any properly training.

Chet’s personal life was quite a story. He had married three times, and all women just felt in love with him instantly. However, he never settled down in a place. Not like nowadays’ musician, he didn’t have too much glamour extravagant life style. He had been tried very hard to survive in recession as a musician. His life was like a dream – floating and travelling all the time. He was alike a lot of  musicians – do whatever he liked, no limitation and all about freedom. He preferred performing in Europe rather than the State personally and he was such a hit in Europe in that time from Let’s get lost documentary.

He was such a charming and passionate musician. Even after watching his documentary, I did fall in love with him as well. Chet was indeed a handsome and boyish look with his incredible gentle and soft voice. When he sang, your heart is literally melting, and you could just non-stop listening to his music, just like a magnet.

I found it is so interesting that even he aged in late 50, he still could sing and perform so well, and his voice didn’t age at all. Unfortunately drugs got him killed – what a pity! As my website is using theWordPress programme, the 2.8 named the version called Baker because the owner Matt Mullenweg likes Jazz as well.

One thing I like about Chet’s music is more unique and the way he liked to play jazz, more like smooth Jazz rather than commercial jazz.  Chet’s music will always in our hearts and every time when I listen to his songs, it makes me think, day-dreaming and feel the world – about sadness and happiness. I could listen to his songs nights and days.

Found an interesting article about Chet Baker’s

End of June

End of June blog pic

It’s end of June. I have been working hard in the job and it seems that life stuck into the routine when you have jobs. The jobs are very challenging and you never know what will happen for a day, it might so busy or quite – it always makes your heart jump! Friends were back to their countries but I miss them.

The great news of this year is that John works for WordPress – ( is a free and open source blog publishing application and Content Management System) as a software engineer and working something creative and challenge. Besides, my website is using WordPress anyway, so I treated him a big dinner and celebrated with him.

Last weekend we travelled to Sheffield to visit John’s family and had a good time. Recently my health is invading by virus and I have been suffering a lot. I hope it went away soon so that I can enjoy the summer!


不知不觉就到了6月末,一直努力的工作着,工作就象打仗,你永远不知道今天的挑战是什么。朋友们回他们国家了,蛮想念和他们一起呼哈的日子。约翰给美国三藩市一家最大的网络公司 WordPress 高薪聘请去当程序工程师,(中国阻止了wordpress 网站,所以大家打不开的)一年3次去三藩市开会的机会,我要去!我为他感到骄傲和高兴,好像和一个名人约会一样。这是他梦想的工作,感觉我们一步步的为生活努力着,一年年总有惊喜发现,有低谷的时候,又有高峰开心的日子,这就是生活。