Happy Chinese Rabbit Year 2011

It’s 2011! Time flies and another chinese new year is coming. It’s funny to talk to my Mum and she asked me whether we have few days off because chinese new year, then I explained to her that no any body is living in Chinese world except Chinese people. This year is rabbit year, and John was born in a rabbit year in 1975. Superstitiously, Rabbit and Dog (my year) is the good combination and wish everyone and us will live happily and healthily. Most importantly, Gong Xi Fa Cai – 大家恭喜发财!

The cover picture was sticker called Fu. It is symbolic meaning that you will have fortune and lucky in the new year. The sticker also contains 12 different animals cutting inside, which represents 12 different years. It’s very impressive hand craft.

Nina Ricci 2011 Pre-fall

I used to buy fashion magazine very often, and I just liked to touch and feel the paper to see those gorgeous clothes. After using Ipad and download Style.com application, I totally love it. It’s incredible to see fashion show in high definition resolution and I am now so obsessed with style.com application. High recommended this application (free download)

Anyway, when I saw Nina Ricci’s pre-fall 2011, I really love the colour combination, the cutting and the good quality of materials, most importantly it suits my style.

I am always passionate for fashion, but I have my own style – which I like elegant, classical and colourful & fun! Fashion, music and perfume are all very personal. There is no right or wrong, and whether you like it or not. They are also inspiration in life, and I don’t think I can live without these 3 items.

Pictures from Style.com